Monday, March 2, 2015

Excerpt #1: CLAIR OF EARTH

Excerpt #1: CLAIR OF EARTH available March 16,2015 on Erotic BDSM Sci/Fi Romance

“Say the words. Do you understand the word stop will halt your service?”

“Yes.” Her voice was quiet but clear. “If I say the word stop, everything stops.”

“Good. Come.” His hand moved to her elbow as he directed her to the piece of furniture behind her. Releasing her arm, he motioned at the seat. “Sit.”

He watched closely. No detail of her response could be missed, no nuance of reaction ignored. If for one moment his little mate did not enjoy her submission, Trel had to know it. This was a huge gamble on so many levels.

She stared at the preparation station with no small amount of apprehension flowering into her intoxicating scent. A little fear but no hint of terror, revulsion, or any other rejection.

She would have every damn thing he could find a way to give her and his control was one of the gifts she craved. His precious mate knew herself to be sexually submissive and Trel thanked the Goddesses for that small blessing. His hand swung back and landed on her bottom with a loud crack. He’d been careful to cup his hand so the sound was sharper than the sting. “Now,” he commanded in a low growl.

Clair gasped and stumbled forward, turning awkwardly to scramble into the devise hung with thick, leather restraints. The narrow pad was not actually a seat when the devise was in proper alignment. It was a support that would shift to force her pelvis up.

She sat and leaned over to grip the straps, her breathing hitched a notch as she attempted to insert her slender foot in the stirrup and wrap the leather around her ankle.

Trel growled and bent, gently pushing her trembling hands away, he swiftly pulled the strap around her ankle. Even that small task could not be left to another. He would be careful the binding could not hurt her. Grasping the other foot, he easily moved it to the stirrup and secured that strap. Straightening, his hand landed on her midriff, slight pressure and she tilted back to standard station one.

Clair let out a startled squeak as her body shifted and she found herself on her back, sort of. A blunt pad, positioned at the top of her ass, thrust hips up. Her feet were secured to stirrups that had swung wide as the contraption moved. She ended with her legs bent and elevated so not only bare pussy but also her back entrance was clearly visible. Her hands clutched the top of a short bench that supported her upper back and head. The huge Centurion stood between her legs and leisurely studied her most private flesh.

He was looking at her. It wasn’t cold, but there was no codling in his regard. She had known there wouldn’t be, but the reality of Trel taking her was more intense than she imagined it would be. She’d been imagining for a very long time, at every opportunity, and still, she underestimated how this felt.

Breathing in sharp gasps, Clair sank into the flames of surrender. They licked across her inhibitions, a ravenous blaze that could easily consume her very soul. Oh mercy, he was just standing there, examining her. The OBGYN table on steroids restrained and displayed her. Like the huge male regarding her, it removed all her choices, stripping away modesty in the most delicious, commanding way possible. It made her feel more than naked, more than displayed. It shouldn’t have been a shock, but it was.

Friday, February 27, 2015

March 16 Release !! CLAIR OF EARTH

CLAIR OF EARCH will be available through Amazon MARCH 16, 2015

I'm so excited. You can preorder here. <--Link to Amazon, Clair of Earth page.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Clair Of Earth the Blurb

Clair of Earth

Brintex Centurions Book One

by Gail Faulkner

The one Brintex Clair has met is huge, hot and totally in control of every situation. Owing him an intimate debt is exciting in the most intimidating way possible. Knowing Trel has made it clear the Brintex culture is male dominated and, for Clair, had become an imaginary fantasy world. One she goes to privately, in her head. Caught in the act, literally, Trel reveals a massive cultural difference and now expects her submission in real time. He instructs her how to prepare to pay her debt, leaving no doubt he intends to get the real deal, Dominate/sub sort of submission, from every inch of her body.

If she refuses, he takes his “debt” to Earth’s governing body and demands compensation. Translation: global debate about Clair’s masturbation practices. Nope, not happening. Submitting to Trel for twenty-four hours couldn’t be worse than that.

Trel has waited a damn long time to get his female exactly where she wants to be. Taking her submission is his right and his duty. What happens when perfection is under his hand at last? They are about to find out something more is required of both of them.

WARNING: Clair experiences bondage, penetration of every pleasure center and two smoking-hot Centurions who mean to own her. Some will say this is light BDSM because no one wields a whip. But it must be noted, no Centurion needs a whip to get his female’s attention. They prefer skin-to-skin contact in all things.

EDIT TO ADD: Clair of Earth will be available through Amazon. Currently in final edits, I hope to publish in March, April the latest. So sorry for leaving this off the original post.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Second MS off to the editor!! Yayyy

We will have more Gail Faulkner this winter/spring!! I know, I’ve been saying that. Just wanted to let you know it’s close. Gail

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yayyy its 2015

Happy New Year every one. No big news yet. Currently there are three manuscripts scheduled to come out this year. It looks like Clair of Earth will be releasing in February. Will post more information as soon as I can.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday Haze

Hope everyone enjoyed this week!! One more week of crazy and another holiday season will be over! Perhaps I sounded a little too happy about that.

Wish I could get back to work today but obligations persist. These pesky holidays.

Waving as I am dragged off to have “Fun.”

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Keeping the Promise

Three manuscripts completed and in various stages of editing.

Happy to say there is no doubt Gail Faulkner will have new work out in 2015. Two books. One, the first book in the Brintex Empire series, Clair of Earth. Also the first book in the November Delta Group series, Perfectly Exposed. (Working title subject to change.)

I will be introducing pen name Gail Allen this year. First book in her New Adult series is, This Time. (Working title subject to change.)