Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What happened to the Summer??

Just completed the rewrite of my up coming NON erotic, THIS TIME. Having a bit of a challenge finding a bata reader. It's not what I usually write so I don't know that world as well. The actual young adults who have read it love it, but those chicks are not grammar intensive.

Diving back into Command Unit with book two in the series, LONG SHOT.

Mike, he rides a bike, has tattoos and doesn’t hold a good girl’s past against her. What he will not do is let some fucker take a shot at his woman. It doesn’t matter if you’re not using a gun, nothing touches Serra. Several folk will be learning that lesson.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

This Time – A new adult novel through Tulip Romance

Happy to say the contract is final and this manuscript is currently making the rounds from my desk, my fabulous reader’s desk and my talented editor’s desk. My editor has let me peek at the creative resumes of two companies she is considering for the cover. Very exciting! I would have a hard time choosing, they are both extraordinary.

Gail Allen, the young adult author, is ready to launch, she has a Go-Daddy web page and everything. Naturally my friends here will receive all the same notifications though I will not be back linking Gail Allen from her site to this one.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Creativity ebbs and flows. Writers and painters have called it capturing the muse as if it is an elusive imp who dashes off on a whim. I find it’s more like an appetite that requires nourishment and sometimes a nap.

Not napping now. Currently I’m working on Long Shot (working title), the second Command Unit book. Things are getting dicey for Mike and Serra.

Perhaps now is a good time to mention that no one is thinking it’s an unfortunate accident that two members and the women they claim have been lethally threatened. The level of “not pleased” is high and that’s saying something for this group.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thank you all SOOO MUCH!!

I’m humbled at the response to PREFECTLY EXPOSED. Thank you so much for the compliment of purchasing one of my books! Writing a review is going the extra mile and I am extremely grateful some of you choose to do that. It helps an author so much to do that!!!

Again, thank you all!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

5 STAR Reviews – Perfectly Exposed

* * * * * Jeanne Becker Trinkaus rated it 5 of 5 stars
Hallelujah! Readers rejoice!

She's back! Break out the champagne! Break out the band so we can all dance a jig in joy! Gail Faulkner has mastered her craft, and we, the readers, get to enjoy the fruits of her labors! She writes wildly wonderful love stories with commanding men and feminine women! Waiting impatiently for her next book!

* * * * * Rhonda rated it 5 of 5 stars
This book is so great
This was a well written fast paced book. It is also a real panty melting great time. Strong alpha Dom innocent submissive female and a lot of hot sexy times. Can not wait to read the crest of the Command Unit Books.

* * * * * Two thumbs up
By Ginny on May 8, 2015
Absolutely grand. Strong hero who after waiting stupidly for five years, gets the perfect -for -him woman. And then disaster strikes! Oh this was so good. Those who follow my reviews know 5 stars are unusual, so take note this really is five stars. Enjoy!

Friday, May 8, 2015


So happy we can share this. If you enjoy Jack and Hailey, feel free to give them a review. The rest of the guys in Command Unit would appreciate the time that takes as it will directly affect getting their stories out.

Thanks again for the support.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Perfectly Exposed - TOMORROW, May 8 !!!!

Here is a little bit of Jack and Hailey in a quiet moment.

She didn’t know what to do with what just happened. Everything about this man was so far out of her realm of experience that it pretty much became the definition of the term Out of Her League. For a short while after he had disappeared early Monday morning she had been confident that they would work out in some sort of normal relationship. That was clearly a gross overestimation of her ability to handle all that was Jack Stone.


“Mmm?” he responded, his hands moving tenderly up and down her back.

“This isn’t going to work,” she confessed softly.

“Why’s that, little one?” he wanted to know, his rumbling voice calm, and if she wasn’t mistaken, a little amused. Clearly he didn’t grasp how huge the problem was.

“It can’t. I didn’t know it was possible to…” She couldn’t find the words to name whatever it was he’d given her. It was so much more than an orgasm. “To whatever it is we just did. I don’t even know what to call it.”

Fingers of one large hand combed through her hair and over her back again as the other petted across hip to her butt and cupped, gently squeezing.

“That’s okay, baby. I’ll teach you.”

Pondering that in the sluggish remains of her brain, she frowned. “You won’t get tired of having to teach me the good stuff?”

A chuckle bounced her head on his chest. “No, I won’t get tired of teaching you.” Adorable in her worry that she didn’t know “the good stuff” like he did. Even when she was trying to break up with him he thought she was the cutest thing he’d ever seen. So responsive she drove him to his knees, her overwhelming sexuality the most beautiful gift he’d ever received.