Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Following the Rulz

I’ve read repeated blogland statements that the review blogs are for readers and authors should keep their noses out. Okay, I’ll give ya that. Authors need to be about the business of writing good books and readers get to say whatever they want about them. I agree.

Then I keep reading –while sneaking onto the now forbidden review blogs- that authors “should” keep better websites. Update them continually to keep them fascinating and fresh for the readers visiting.

I can only speak for myself, but heck, I don’t have time to update the website daily. If I did, I wouldn’t be writing much. Being a writer is not code word for computer web-master. Not every writer can afford both the headache and the cost. Not every writer wants to, just as every reader does not have a web site.

I was lucky enough to have the web designer in my family. Then I do have a dangerous interest in computers. I say dangerous because I know just enough to cause the worst possible problem if I do something wrong. But mostly I just want to write. -le sigh-

On the other hand, I really like interacting with people who wanna talk to authors. I know, not everyone wants to, but it's nice to hear from readers. A website is a great tool, especially for an Epublished author.

The only point I'm after is, I hope I'm a better writer than web-mistress. I hope my fellow authors are too. I love reading great books.

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