Friday, June 15, 2007

WANNA PLAY- excerpt because I like these two so much!

Jas opened her eyes and realized the sun had come up at some point. The next thing she noticed was Blaster splashing out of the water, using his shirt to dry himself off hurriedly. Then she heard it, the distinctive drone of an airboat engine. It was close and coming in fast. She managed to prop herself up on her elbows when the engine cut off below them. Two seconds later a voice bellowed up at them.

“Blaster! Jas! Put your damn clothes on and get out here.”

Jas frowned. Standing, she clamped a hand over each breast and hurried to the low wall to answer. The wall was barely high enough to cover her mound but since Jackson would be looking up it didn’t concern her. Blaster was pulling on his pants when she reached the wall alone.

“What happened?” Jas demanded sharply.

Jackson stood in his airboat, not bothering to even step onto the dock, and gazed up at her in silence.

“Well?” she prompted impatiently.

“I said, put your clothes on,” Jackson repeated, frowning darkly. “How am I supposed to remember a damn thing with you standing there looking like some pinup?”

“Get a grip! This is more than most bikinis. What happened?”

“But you’re holding your…” Jackson shook his head. “You have no idea, do you?”

Blaster strode up behind Jas and draped his damp shirt around the front of her like a straight jacket with the buttons in back. “Now tell us why you’re here,” he directed calmly.


byrdloves2read said...

She really doesn't have a clue about her impact? Bless her heart. LOL

You're a tease. I'm so ready to get this story.

zinreads said...

*lol* Men are soooo easy aren't they?!

I'm so looking forward to this book.


Gail said...

LOL..I'm a tease! You bet. But men are easy and they are so fun for it.

Jennifer K. said...

Yea! Keep writing. I'm greedy. I always want more. And the Ghost Unit guys? HAWT! And all your other books? They're really HAWT too! Scorching. Want more.

Gail said...

Making a note to write faster because Jennifer K said so. LOL I love the encouragement!