Friday, June 8, 2007

WANNA PLAY, Ghost Unit

July 6 is coming! Blaster and Jaz will be here soon. I'm so excited. Here's an excerpt in case you're not as excited as I am.

Blaster inhaled her scent deeply as she stilled. It was a heady mix of tropical spice, woman and gun oil. He was probably one of the few males on the planet who’d pick up how well she cared for her weapons this way and then be turned on by it.

Her sensuous body caressing his was a perfect fit. They matched hipbone to hipbone, chest to chest. Her intention might have been to intimidate him with her brand of formidable sexuality but that certainly wasn’t the result. Oh yeah, she’d affected him. Course she could do that from across the room, but she wasn’t going to get his idiot head in command of his body just yet.

Blaster’s voice rumbled up from the knot of lust below his belt buckle. “And unless you mean for us to show Barry how very carnal a sex scene can be, ease up on the teasing. You have my full attention in every way.” That wasn’t the most brilliant bit of reasoning. Was the best he could come up with from a brain currently starved for blood. He’d have to send out a rescue party to coax some of it back north again. Up close and personal, she was kryptonite to his superman.

Jas slowly peeled herself off Blaster, watching him closely. She was surprised. He met her gaze without blinking. The heat in his expression left no doubt that he’d enjoyed her play, though he’d not moved a muscle to touch her. She suspected she hadn’t won that little skirmish. His warning to ease up followed by a confession of lust was aggression followed by surrender. Sly shit. He flung the command to stop out there then canceled the aggressive move too quickly for her to respond to it. That tactic left him in control.

Barry chuckled. “I can see the sparks from here. No one is gonna believe you two aren’t sleeping together. See how easily that works? I even give you permission to dress him up if you want to, Jas, but let’s get back to the problem.”

“Dress me up? What the fuck is that supposed to mean and who are you to be giving permission?” Blaster couldn’t look away from her as he flung the indignant question at Barry. He was trying to drag his eyes off her. Lord knew he needed to for sanity’s sake.

Jas grinned as she turned her back on him and strode away. It was a view she knew he enjoyed. He might have won that one. No reason not to make him pay a price for winning.


zinreads said...

*sigh* I'm very impatient for release day to come for Blaster (Blaster is probably just impatient to come..... *rotfl*)

Thanks for the new except, and while I certainly respect Blaster as the Alpha male he is; when, when, when do we get Charlie's story? I've been lusting after him a LONG time. *g*

However, based on the except of In Real Time on your website, I could be in lust with that Ghost Unit member very easily too!


Gail said...

Lust is good! LOL Thank you Ann. I keep falling in love with these guys. No way I could pick which one. I'm working on both Real Time and Blind Fire, never fear.