Monday, July 2, 2007

Excerpt WANNA PLAY -coming July 6!!!!!!!!!!!

“Now you’re sure you can handle this?” Jackson asked again as she pulled on his leather jacket over the soft silk one and rolled up the sleeves. She hadn’t even protested when he insisted she wear it for protection if she crashed.

“If I can’t, you’re in deep shit.” She smiled dryly and turned to Blaster.

Her whole body changed as she looked at the rangy, blond man who ate her with his eyes. The she-predator morphed into an utterly sexual hunter. He was two steps away but her stroll into his body was fluid female approaching a male. She leaned in to him from knees to chest as her hands slid up his arms and around his neck in slow motion. There was no smile on either face as she flowed into him, her body a wave sliding around a rock. Her fingers sank into his hair and her lips stopped a breath away from his.

The air around them crackled with tension as they both remained perfectly still and wildly entwined.

“Don’t do this if you don’t mean it,” Blaster said quietly. “I’m way past a play date, Sheena.”

“Do you want my mouth, Huck?” she asked into his lips.

“No,” he growled.

“What then?” The hard evidence that he did want something burned into her lower belly.

“I want this.” His mouth slammed down on hers and the dam broke. They were kissing that fierce duel of lovers. They ate each other, hands clenching into flesh and bone. Bodies writhed as they battled and lost to lust, fear, passion, too little time and too much need. This was the first real kiss and it could be the last. His arms whipped around her, trying to absorb her into the heat that was him. Her moan answered him and her legs came up fast to clamp around his waist and shamelessly press her now-damp crotch to the rigid cock beneath it.

Jackson gaped at them. They were the elements—sex, life, death and need. Something about them was so decadently carnal that he couldn’t look away and yet felt shame that he watched. He could see their tongues moving as mouths pressed open in moaning need to taste more. Blaster’s hands each held one of those perfect bottom cheeks and he kneaded them roughly as her body rode him in undulating demand.

The clawing kiss escalated in intensity and Jackson felt the need to back up as if the heat rolling off them were scorching him.

Abruptly Jas’ body went ridged as her back arched to slam her hips into Blaster. Her head came up and a low snarl hissed out of her throat. Blaster’s mouth went immediately to her breast. His teeth clamped around a jutting nipple through her vest, biting down and sending shuddering jerks through her body. He was growling, a rumbling bestial sound that mingled with hers.

Jackson stumbled back another step and was grateful the truck bed wall hit him in the ass. Watching her forced him to control the need to come as her body undulated. He was shocked. She hadn’t come but he needed to. Jackson’s hands reached back to grip the truck bed on either side of his body, propping himself up as he gaped at them.

Jas slowly relaxed, collapsing into Blaster, her legs still wrapped around him as her body surrendered to his hold. Head on his shoulder, they both were breathing harshly, though Blaster kissed her neck tenderly. Deep rumbling growls interrupted the kisses. Her body melted while his remained rigid, though his hands gentled and petted. Jackson felt his own harsh breathing match their cadence as swirling sexual energy flowed around the couple.

Her legs slowly slid down Blaster until her feet were on the ground again but their hold on each other didn’t loosen.

“I want more than that, woman,” Blaster breathed into her hair.

“Then let me trust you.” Jas pulled back to look him in the eye. “Be there when I call you.” Jas turned away from him and strode to the bike. She slung a leg over and was mounted, grabbed the helmet and strapped it on.

“Lordy, give me strength. I’m as crazy as Blaster,” Jackson murmured as she fired it up.

The snarl of the big bike coming to life echoed into the twilight, a warning. It was the roar of a lioness across savanna planes. The huntress was hungry.

Jas idled down the engine and lifted her visor to look Blaster in the eye. “I want to trust you.” The big engine revved, she flipped the visor down and the woman took off.

Both men watched as she disappeared into gathering night. Blaster stared after her in grim silence.

Finally moving, Jackson went to the back of the truck and carefully closed the burlap over its gruesome contents, using the panties to secure it again since there was nothing else handy. He gently set the package in the toolbox behind the cab. “Going to stand there mooning after her all night?” he asked quietly.

“No.” Blaster strode to the cab. “You did get a mic in the jacket, right?” Blaster shot Jackson a narrow glance as both men strapped in and Blaster started up the vehicle.

“Of course. Only place I had to put it since I didn’t get a kiss goodbye.” Jackson grinned at Blaster’s dark scowl.


zinreads said...

Oh. My. Bod. *fanning myself* I am NEVEH going to make it until Friday!

byrdloves2read said...

The she-predator morphed into an utterly sexual hunter. He was two steps away but her stroll into his body was fluid female approaching a male. She leaned in to him from knees to chest as her hands slid up his arms and around his neck in slow motion.

OMG I can see this so clearly and it has such a visceral feeling to it. *pant, pant* I'm ready for Friday!