Friday, August 10, 2007

Choose a title

I couldn’t stand it any more! It doesn’t look like I’ll have any one of the longer novels ready for the editor before at least November. That means no more releases ‘til next year! Akkkkk. A girl needs her releases!

So I determined to write a Quicky. 15,000 words and well, it should be simple. Actually I started it Monday and just sent it to my amazing critique partner today. But I failed with the 15,000 word thing. It’s a little over 18,000, sorry.

My problem is, I hate the name I gave the story. Here are three that would be much more interesting. Which one do YOU like?

1. Remember Your Safe Word

2. WARNING: Reading BDSM may cause submission

3. Insatiable

Here are the first couple paragraphs of the book to give you a feel for the story.

Chapter One

“These books should come with a freaking warning. Reading may cause insatiable urges to submit, however, only one real dominant per zip code is permitted.” She laughed at herself and continued. “I’ve only met one guy who might be a real Dom, and that’s discouraging. What’s a needy woman supposed to do?” The phone to her ear, Casey was totally relaxed on the lounge, eyes closed, face turned up to the late afternoon sun.

He’d never seen Casey in a tiny bikini before. Jack’s eyes moved with greedy intensity over the undulating expanse of exposed flesh. Sweet Mother of God! He’d imagined this body over and over again. Usually while trying to block out his ugly surroundings in some revolting location. Looking at the real thing he could see he’d been mistaken. She was actually blindingly fuckable. He’d always called her damn fuckable. But a man could indeed go blind beating off to that vision.

She paused and laughed softly at the response from her phone. Jack wasn’t paying attention to the conversation but the breathy laugh sank into his bones.

Neighbours for the last two years, they shared a duplex. Sorta shared a duplex. He was only here for down time. This location was relatively remote but did have a small airport. He’d found it ideal for hiding from his life when he had the time. Casey moving into the other side of this lone duplex had just added to the charm of standing on his back patio. Or looking out his front window, or pretending he was going for a walk in the woods.

The cold beer in his hand was forgotten. He hadn’t expected her to be home form work this time of day and it was apparent she hadn’t heard him arrive twelve hours ago. His entrance was all she would have heard, he’d crashed. Been out ‘til five minutes ago.

It was obvious she almost never lay out in the sun. The expanse of creamy curves was only a light gold. His eyes prowled over gorgeous, plump breasts that nearly spilled out of the stupid little top, bulging in glorious natural abandon to the side of her body. Casey was not slender. Her curves were opulent and she usually covered them with way to much clothing, he’d bet she’d never worn that bikini anywhere but this back yard.

The beer went absently to his lips as his eyes moved lower over softly smooth belly and down to rounded hips. Oh sweet Jesus. The scrap of material coming up between her legs moulded a naked pussy. He’d put money on the fact that shy, sweetly nervous Casey shaved her cunt.

Absorbing that knowledge required he study the evidence. Her legs were slightly parted and the material of her suit strained, moulding the intimate details of her pussy with no springy curls holding it off.

I also don't really like the name Casey for the heroine. But I want something with a K sound. I'm thinking Carolynn, Casandra, ya like any of those?

thanks for commenting, Gail


joan said...

"Insatiable" and "Carolyn."

anny cook said...

I like Insatiable. and Kensington.

N.J.Walters said...

I like Kensington and the second title--Warning: Reading BDSM may cause submission. *g*

Joni said...

"Possess Me" and "Carly"

Shelly said...

Hi Gail. I like Kensington (Kensie) and WARNING: Reading BDSM may cause submission. :)

Gail said...

My author heart loves the one that starts with WARNING... but I know it's to long. Insatiable might be taken, so a two word combination will probably be the winner.

Thank you all for the help.

Adriana said...

I like Carly, or Kelsey

I love title #2, do you really think it's too long?? sure sets the hook!


Anonymous said...

I like the first one. And how about Caitlyn?

-the demanding Katie

Kerin said...

Kerin has a nice ring to it...tee hee hee.

I love your picture Gail - it's absolutely gorgeous!!

Susan said...

Quickies can be very
I like "Insatiable" and "Kenzee" :)

M said...

1. Remember Your Safe Word
*Sounds too much like the beginning of a "how to" BDSM instruction manual instead of a luscious sexual romp.

2. WARNING: Reading BDSM may cause submission
*That's something the Surgeon General might print on the spine of an erotica book ^.^

3. Insatiable
*Cliche. Sound too much like a title Amanda Quick/Jane Feather would use.

As for the naming thing ... hmn. Well, Jack is a good solid one syllable name, you'd probably want something that caresses the tongue for his heroine.

Carolynn -- too WASPy
Cassandra/Cassie -- too overdone
Kensington -- sounds like a street name (i.e. 4th and Kensington)

Maybe Callie, Kara or Kelly if you're intent on the hard "k" sound.

Gail said...

Oh my, M, you make some compelling arguments. Don't know if you meant the comment on WARNING to be positive but I like that! Exactly the feel I want for it. Yummmm!

Happy to hear Blaster is in possession of your bed. He can be aggressive when defending that type of territory. LOL

Kerin, thanks for the compliment and um...using Kerin would just be too ... something. LOL

Kenzee is cute and unusual Susan. Thanks

Thank you Shelly :)

Blowing kisses at the "demanding Katie" Demanding is good. Lets the author know she's doing something right.

I'm trying to think of a way to shorten that Andriana, I love it too.

Kerin said...

Wait a sec...we're voting for names that are alternatives? What's the name right now?

I just read that excerpt like four, hot, hot. I want to buy him a six pack of beer just to keep on watching him drink it. Rawr.

Gail said...

Kerin, her name is now Casey. I'm not comfortable with that one. Read the last paragraph, try to block Jack from your mind as you do. lol

M said...

I actually like "Warning." It's playful, but on the other hand, not sure if it has the POP you want for a book. Sadly, people judge books by the cover and title, even e-books.

eddie said...

I vote for Kenzee..

I also like the warning title, even though it may be a bit long..

Maybe you could rework it?
Warning Submission ahead/is addictive..

Or In Search of a Dom?

okkies.. I am sucky at the name game..

Kerin said...


I meant the alternatives to the title...sorry. LOL.

Silly Kerin.

Kerin said...

I knew someone in college whose nickname was Kezzie (given to her by an Aussie friend) has kind of a fun ring to it and is different and unique.

It popped into my mind when I read Kenzie as a suggestion. :)

zinreads said...

Hi Gail,

How about "The Girl/Boy Next Door"? and I like Kasey for the heroine.


ERiCA said...

Title number 2 cracks me up. Love it. But it may be a little long, so I guess my vote goes to title number 3.

Kelly said...

H Gail,
How about Warning,Submission Ahead
for a title?

And you gotta know I'm gonna suggest Kelly for the heroine's name...definitely a hard K sound *VBG*

Kerin said...

What about Katherine and she can go by Kat for short?

About the there a spin you can put on the actual safe word and make it part of the title itself?