Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How many plots in head head?!

I donno! But two people have asked me today so I'll try to explain.

No way of saying how many story plots run through my mind. Those are endless. Sometimes I write them, mostly- who has the time? Almost anything can suggest a story to me.

The last book I handed in came out of two events that happened over four months apart, combined with several conversations I'd heard, not even participated in.

It's easier to tell you how many manuscripts I have open right now. The answer is six I'm working on. Two more I've set aside. Three that are mostly sketches. One that is just erotica, no HEA.

What does that add up to? 12?

That dozen’t include the last Ghost Unit book, which is plotted in my head but I haven't written a word on yet. And book two and three for a series that I have plotted but not written a word on those two either.

I'm not saying every story listed above will be published. I have no idea if they are even good. The six manuscripts I have open right now I expect to be published, somewhere. But you never know. None of the above list is contracted because I am TERRIBLE at writing a proposal or synopsis. I am so bad at it that I make people want to pay me not to write. It's very sad. Even when a book is done, I can't write them.


Susan said...

Wow Gail. Thanks for answering that question. It's interesting to know what goes on in a writer's mind.

N.J.Walters said...

Hmmm...it's busy in there. LOL Always good to have plenty of ideas.

Kerin said...
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Kerin said...

Sounds like a lot of work on your part and a whole lotta fun on mine. LOL. *huge grin*