Friday, September 14, 2007

What would I want?

I was looking at the piles of books in my house and considering what the heck to do with them. There are many options when giving away books, but hey, these are BOOKS. Ya know. Something about them is important, especially to an author. They should go where people are hungry for books. I came up with the ladies in the armed forces.

Took me two minutes to find how to send packages to soldiers and even a site where they list what they need. Be careful if you go over there, you'll probably have to cry a little/a lot. But anyway, I figure if someone lists books in their request it's a pretty safe place to send my babies, um...books.

Had to dash down to WallyWorld and get some other things after reading several requests. Apparently Kool Aid is popular (so easy to send) and now they have it in individual packets that can be poured into a water bottle! Love it. The girls in fatigues also need girlie things, had to get some of those. Of course, gotta send Little Debbie oatmeal cookies. We're talking comfort snacks here and besides they go so good while reading a naughty book some author sent ya.

So just a suggestion. Think of the ladies in our armed forces when giving away your books. There is information how to send your package at the site listed above.

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