Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hey, Where have I been?

Okay, I know where I've been. Thank goodness. I've been tangled up in real world business and I'm dang tried of it. I haven't been able to write in over two weeks things are getting desperate. Someone has to die, or be really, really sorry. Ya know? LOL

At least we're doing something fun this weekend. Going on a Fall Colors train ride. No idea if it's any good. Heck, if the thing has windows they have fulfilled their promises. Anyone been on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad?

I love fall. We picked a pumpkin out of our garden last night. Apparently throwing scrapings in the garden from the pumpkin carving gets you several free pumpkins the next year. If we'd been trying to grow the dang thing it would have died from all covering up and making sure the seeds don't freeze in winter. LOL Watermelons and cantaloupes volunteered as well but they don't seem to start soon enough like the pumpkin plant did.

So tell me what your favorite thing to do in fall is?


witchy said...

Hey Beautiful! I love taking walks in the fall. and Hay Rides! LOL Not that I've been on one in ages, but I remember how fun they were, and how great it is cuddling up next to your love and just plodding along.

read your excerpt for Stealing Carmin. OOOOooohhhh HOT! will be waiting anxiously :)

Miss Ya!

Joan said...

We go to the annual Pumpkin Patch. A ranch owner puts pumpkins all over their property, offers hay rides, "carnival" food, face painting, a maze, jump houses, swings, etc. The kids have a blast sliding down the hay stacks, eating, jumping, more eating...Everything is free except for the pumpkins. The highlight of the day is choosing a pumpkin to take home. We carve it the night before Halloween and put it on the porch on Halloween night.

Gail said...

WITCHY!! Nice to hear from you. I guess it's getting to be your time of year. Is the broom all polished? Um...I very much doubt you "plod"... but I know what you mean. Good times.

Oh Joan, love how your Pumpkin Patch sounds. I'll be carving this year too. I like doing those complicated designs that are a scene. It's the artist in me, the pumpkin needs to be a statement.