Friday, October 26, 2007

Troy having trouble...

I am so enjoying Troy, thought I'd share a little.

Book: Troy - work in progress, no publish date.

Slowly he rolled off her. Lying on his back, one arm went over his eyes. Damn it to hell! Hard, throbbing cock was tenting his sweats and he had no intention of relieving the painful condition. Not now. Not like this. When the fuck had he become this kind of adult?

“Troy?” she questioned softly as she leaned up on an elbow and placed a tentative hand on his chest.


“What’s going on? The parts appear functional, so that’s not the problem.”

Troy laughed softly. “Apparently I’m not as old as I feel. Cock is fully functional. For once it’s the other head fucking up.” His arm came off his eyes and he looked up at her, his hand covering hers on his chest. “I don’t want what you do, baby.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I don’t- can’t do meaningless sex with you. I like you. I respect what you do for a living. I’m damn well infatuated with your body and I want your mind. That shit doesn’t work with casual sex. It’s not like I’m looking for some sort of commitment, I’d just like an open door to the future.”

“Oh, um, I see,” Marilynn fell on her back beside him. Her breathing still light pants as she stared at the ceiling.

Troy bit back a snarl as he listened to her try to calm down. She wasn’t arguing with him. Her resigned attitude was almost as insulting as being used as a sex toy. Of course she wasn’t trying to insult him. She was doing her best to understand his issues. The gorgeous woman was hot and needy, he’d essentially said no in middle of sex and she was being ... Damn it, when had he become the girl?

“No baby, I don’t think you get it coz I don’t.” He went back up on an elbow to look down at her as his hand glided down over her breast to her waist. Her arms were slack as she looked at him. “Whatever it is, it’s my problem."

Elegant brows arched. “There are two of us in the bed. How is it all about you?”

“Only one of us is mucking up the experience. That’s how.” His mouth lowered slowly to her neck, giving her time to object. Open mouthed he laved sensitive nerves on his way south to her breasts.

“So um, how is this okay? You just, ah, didn’t want sex.”

His hands gentle this time, Troy slid between her legs again. “Ah huh,” he mumble as his mouth was busy at her breasts again.

“So? Ah, what happened? This feels a lot like sex is going to happen,” Marilynn moaned softly as his mouth worked across her body.

Troy’s lips slowly tracked down tight abs, licking and nipping between kisses. A low growl rumbled in his chest as he consumed the fascinating curves. He was nuzzling her hip bone as his hand pulled one leg up, bending it at the knee. Caressing the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh with long, light strokes meant to tease.

“I remembered I’m easy,”


Anonymous said...

Oh God. When? please tell me soon.


zinreads said...

I just remembered I'm easy..... *snicker*


Gail said...

This is what I get for posting before my blessed critque partner looks at the story. I found two huge errors this morning. I need more coffee and a bag to pull over my head.

Jennifer K. said...

I don't mind. I'm always easy, too. *smirk* Give us more!

*pout* December's awfully far away. I guess I'll have to go back and reread your other releases to tide me over. *sigh* SUCH a sacrifice!

Vicious Trollop said...

I loved that scene. Troy sounds absolutely delish *g*

Anonymous said...

Please continue!!! It sounds amazing.