Thursday, November 8, 2007

Country boys

Gotta love the Country Music community. I was watchin’ the CMA Awards last night and enjoyed it. One thing struck me though. Over and over again, up comes a famous Country Music couple and the woman looks like a red carpet dream, the guy is in jeans and t-shirt.

I can tell there are some rules to this. If wearing jeans to a red carpet event, they better not be new. Nope, the boys was wearing the one pair that fit right, all worn and faded in. I suppose the red carpetness of the event was implied when the guy put on an un-patched, long sleeve shirt to hang open over the jeans and t-shirt. Some went so far as a ratty jacket. And there they stood, proud as punch, beside a glamorous, gowned princess.

I liked it. It made me laugh, but in a good way.

Did I mention my new man, Troy, is from south Georgia?

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Anonymous said...

yes!!! i am from south ga too! cant wait:)