Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I haven't been around lately and have done a very poor job of posting on this blog. Hopefully I'll do better now. This summer and fall have been a difficult time for me personally and I haven't been a "good author" much.

A "good author" means I haven't been writing so there wasn't been much to post. I'll admit to lurking around the net a lot. It's been an exciting time in romance land. I'll take this opportunity to thank several people for providing such outstanding examples to learn from. The list of things I'll never do has grown. Thank you.

Its almost December!! STEALING CARMEN will be released December 26! By that time you'll have gotten over all those presents you didn't want. Okay, maybe not exactly over them, but at least be ready to get something you do want. LOL

Have you seen the add for STEALING CARMEN on my website? I'd put it up here but that seems to be just beyond my abilities. Can't make it work. Anyway, I'm very proud of learning how to make a flash file this summer.

I love the lists of worst Christmas presents. I've been lucky, my darling husband believes in toys for Christmas. I've even convinced mom to stop getting me clothes for Christmas. That took a few years but I believe she's gotten over the urge to dress me. Thank goodness.

So what was the worst Christmas present you ever got?

Mine was ugly clothes. Animal print blouse, animal print purse (big purse), animal print scarf and gloves.


Joanie said...

The absolute worst gift was a set of plastic cuff protectors. Ya the kind they wore in the FIFTIES??

The second worst gift were some plastic trays to organize my sock drawer.

Both gifts were courtesy of my da- (cough) (cough)I mean, DEAR, mother.

Gail said...

Yikes, both um...good ones.

Kelly said...

the worst christmas gift I ever got,was one I didn't get as a kid. My grandmother came to visit and brought gifts for everyone but my sister closest in age to me! Her excuse, we didn't aprreciate her and how was she supposed to remember how many of us there were(there's 7 of us). I was just young enough to be hurt and just old enough not to show it. My sis and I never had anything do do with the old biddy from that day on

Gail said...

Well, that woman does not deserve to be respected. Wow! Amazing!