Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm planning on enjoying this year! That's my resolution I guess, an expectation of joy.

I also plan on being able to write more than before. So that is joy.

I plan on spending time with friends I hardly see at RT and the LF Get Together. That's the really good girlfriend joy.

I intend to spend more time with family, partly because their needs have increased with old age, mostly because helping makes me feel good. Lots of family joy there.

I will draw this year. Since taking up writing I haven't given my muse her pen and ink. Mostly because Muse and me love to draw, but we don't sell what we draw. LOL It's easier to sell a manuscript. So perhaps I should get a journal book and draw every morning as if I were keeping a journal. That would be interesting. There is the personal joy of doing something just for me.

There is more but I figure you get the idea.

Thank you all for giving me the joy of writing. I know I do it but if you didn't read it, I wouldn't find it such a joy.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Gail!
I've decided that my New Years resolution is to get more Alphas out in my woodshed! I'm sure as long as my fav authors co-operate,thats one resolution I can keep. LOL!
I'll be seeing you at one or maybe even both events


Gail said...

Humph, that place has to be crowded! I don't want to see the boys come back smushed!