Friday, February 8, 2008

Alphas are sooo sweet, and then they are not.

Okay, post is back, but still unedited. Read at your own risk.
Working title: HUSH BABY SLEEP

Kelly smiled, it was a bit sad but there was humor as well. “Dragons don’t know everything?” she teased gently.

Cord moved closer. He had to. Her teasing, the humor drew him. “Explain it to me. Use small words.”

Her hands rested lightly on his chest, not pushing him away. “Artificial insemination. We were ready to start the next week. But then I couldn’t for a long time. Do I need to explain?”

“No,” his hands were on the wall on either side of her head. He was leaning down, his mouth a few inches from hers. “You waited ‘til you were done mourning? Are you still in love with him?”

“I will always love him,” she confessed softly. “He’s part of my daughter.”

Cord let the hushed purr of her words sink in. He waited for it, any minute that confession should back him up off her. It didn’t. He didn’t care. Not even a little bit. That was then. He was now. Well, he did care. He was glad he didn’t have to take her from a man. It would have been difficult for them both.

Shadows and reality were swirling, merging. Suspicion raked his predatory senses, this story had the smell of an old evil in this age. The rose petals overwhelmed even that stench. Everything was wrong with the way he was reacting. She was taking up to much of the present. He couldn’t back down. Getting what he needed was more than a compulsion.

Cord nudged forward just enough to brush his hard length into the cradle of her hips.

The hall was lit with a single nightlight. There were no windows and even if there were, it was just before dawn. The top of the stair well enclosed them in intimate darkness. He could feel Minuet sleeping undisturbed at the other end of the hall. Molly was doing something down in the kitchen that involved a lot of muttering.

Cord’s hands left the wall to press her palms into his flesh. He dragged her hands up his chest. Wrapping them around his neck as his body slowly crowded her, trapping her against the wall. His hands trailed down the undersides of her arms, coming to rest on the sides of her breasts, thumbs caressing in lazy sweeps.

Kelly didn’t stop him. Her large violet eyes were watching him but there was no fear, no rejection as he wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed his body to her from knees to chest. Nor was there any doubt of his response. His hips rocked into her abdomen and he watched her eyes. It was her mouth he should have been watching. Lush lips opened in a tiny gasp as she felt his full length.

That was his, the air she breathed and he had to have it. His mouth took hers and he couldn’t be slow any more. He’d given her every opportunity to object, to stop him. She’d accepted.

His lips on hers weren’t near enough. Firmly pushing into her mouth he was rewarded with her muscles relaxing as she opened for him. Her taste, her delicious, addictive taste exploded through his senses as he delved into her. She tentatively sucked his tongue and all hell broke loose. She triggered a chain of responses he’d never experienced before. Lust back drafted through him with white hot demand.

He ripped his hands off her, flattening them on the wall beside her body. The rush of sexual aggression left little besides the drive to complete his possession of her. He was dimly aware his reaction could manifest in talons to insure she did not evade him. A low growl rumbled around them as his weight shifted into her, pinning her beneath him. Muscles tensed in his neck as his mouth pressed down, trying to get more, taste more and there was nothing, nothing he wouldn’t do to have this woman.

It was her soft, wheezing moan as she struggled for air that shot through his response. With a stifled roar he wrenched himself off her, flinging his body to the opposite wall as he stared at her blankly.

Kelly was panting softly, her eyes wide as she watched him. Cord had no idea what his expression was but it couldn’t be good. There was a flicker of fear in her face, but then it was gone. Damn it, she should be afraid. He was freaking terrified of what had almost happened. Almost? No, it had happened and there was no going back. Why? Why hadn’t Marelda told him?

“I’m sorry,” he ground out softly.

“For kissing me?” Kelly whispered back.

“No, baby. For much more than that,” he ran a hand down his face and tried to make sense of the changes he’d just forced on both of them. The secret kept from him within his own body. Marelda and her cohorts were indeed brilliant. He’d known they were masters of nuance, their end plan lush with detail. This detail changed everything and he hadn’t known about it. Ignorance was his only excuse and that was a damn useless set of words. He had to explain it to her.

“You didn’t offend me,” she continued softly.

Cord managed a half smile. “I will, give me a minute.”


Anonymous said...

Yea..... I saw the name Minuet...Is this another tidbit for the "dragon story" that I have patiently (or rather impatiently) been waiting for???....
I love you Gail... and I love that name... Cord.. I'm melting and panting... not a pretty sight... put me out of my misery and give us more dragon i.e Cord...Love that name!!!

Lori said...

Ooh Gail. Coming out of lurkdom to say how much I love this excerpt! Beautiful.

Gail said...

Rita, yes, Cord is the dragon. He's pleased you enjoy him and he's all so very interested in getting out of my head so he can enjoy you. LOL

Thank you Lori! Getting a girl out of lurk makes a dragon happy. Well, we don't really use happy, dragons are pleased or willing to show you how to redeem yourself because they are displeased. LOL

Anonymous said...

A dragon---> happy nekkid dancin'!
You know how much I love dragons
OMGness I had to read this at least 3 times just to make sure I read the heroine's name right

Kelly-grinnin' like crazy

Gail said...

Chuckling. Dragon loves him some Kelly.

foblady said...

Why did you send this post to the cleaners? I want read about Cord and a nekkid dragon man too. I usually read the blog every day whether I comment or not. What did I miss? Tell me! Tell me!

Anonymous said...

Oh no... I do have a mild tendency/obsession to read/re-read/and re-read...and swoon at all the little Alpha-excerpts you give us, but when I came back to re-read Cord... he was gone... is he coming back???....
Mildly pining for my dragon...

Gail said...

Well, there it is again. Does it look different?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!!Sigh, pant, pant, pant.... falling more in love with Cord.
It's fantastic..
Thanks Gail.

Anonymous said...

What happened???
How is he gonna offend her???
You can't leave me hangin' like this

byrdloves2read said...

Oh I loved that exchange:

“You didn’t offend me,” she countered softly.

Cord managed a half smiled. “I will, give me a minute.”

A dragon hmmm? And with Kelly? Love it!

foblady said...

Wow!!! That wa a hot excerpt or whatever ya want to call it. Now explain to me why it was so important to take it off the board! I bet writing books is like a lot of other things. You get too many ideas going in your head, you write down a paragraph or two. That is cool, write down the paragraph or two or the excerpt or two, but for personal satisfaction you need to finish something and you can't make up your mind what to finish. That is writer's block. You took this off the board for what reason? It was totally cool!!Pick one of your stories and latch on like super glue. Finish it, you will feel better.

Gail said...

I took it off the first time for because it needed work. Serious work. It still needs fine tuning.

Right now I think there are to many short sentences. Reading it feels choppy and I need to smooth it by word choice and extending several sentences. Making it flow more. I'm sure there are many other things wrong with the structure. This is a rough draft.

Thank you all for the encouragement. Can't tell you how much it means to me. I get excited when I think a story is going well and love sharing that feeling. The blog is a wonderful outlet for me to do that and you can look at it whenever you want. Instead of me being an insecure child forcing my critque partner to read because I need to know its working.