Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shhh, I'z bean'n followed

This is not Pebbles, but I love the expression. Puggles are amazing little people.

I had no idea what I was in for when the cutest puppy ever captured my heart. Two pairs of slippers, for every member of the family, the undercover of a living room chair, the batting off the bottom of my box spring, the chewy demise of many Barbies and several Polly Pockets, as well as the sad death of a few stuffed toys later, we can’t imagine what we did with our time before she arrived.

Pets aren’t really pets. People are the ones blessed with their fearless, loving hearts. They teach us the important stuff. Here are a few.

Snow is the best stuff for run-hopping.
Every morning is a happy time.
Family is worth dieing for, or at least barking your head off to protect.
All food is good if it’s on a human plate.
Licking said plate is polite. Indicates appropriate appreciation.
Teaching child person to pick up toys is easy. Toy left out, toy gone.
I’m always happy to see you.
Naps are best shared.
Trash cans MUST have secure tops.
Any time we spend together is good.
It’s never a bad time to say I love you.
Sharing everything we own builds character.
I don’t care what you watch on TV, as long as we are together on a comfy chair.
Comfy couch is better with all family members in it.
Mud is fun.

I’d love to see what your pets have taught you.


Anonymous said...

Mine has taught me so much....
to laugh is better then to cry
though either one deserves a lick
playing ball is a must have
i hate it when you leave me and will find ways to show it while you are gone
placing head on couch, bed, or chair and giving sad look guarrents attention
never needing an alarm clock again
love needs no words just a cuddle and paws that wrap around your is sad that we never seem to have enough time with them

Anonymous said...

cats rule the universe.
they are not owned, they own.
Humans are lower beings, just put on this food to provide the occasional pat and provide food when it's demanded.
keyboards and important papers are good for sleeping on.
mouse arrows are fun to chase across the screen.
No bugs are safe.
Nap times come with a chest warmer for the human.

Anonymous said...

food = planet

zinreads said...

Well, first, I learned that my cat's Real Indian Name is "Fur So Clean"Her middle name is "Sits In A Window" but she has taught me more:
1) So much Evil in such a little body! (she's 6 lbs)
2) It's all about her.
3) Everybody should have their own Sun Spot.
4) It's not that she is blocking my access to my papers, she is guarding them against mishap.
5) If you are cute enough when you nap, your human won't get up because she doesn't want disturb you. *g*


Gail said...

I love reading these. Thanks for sharing with me.

Anonymous said...

I learned that I need to come back as a dog in my next life. A pre-nap, nap and post nap everyday with lots of people telling you how cute you are and giving you lots of love.