Sunday, March 16, 2008

Curse of the creative mind

I keep coming up with better stories than real life. I mean look at the political environment right now. Wow, what a great romantic suspense world that could be. The behind the scenes intrigue thick and powerful. Great stuff.

There is a real story of a Little Rock CFO disappearing without a trace. The company he worked for did something like build the Clinton Library and other land mark Arkansas projects. Oh my, good stuff. Not to belittle the pain his family is going through now. There are no clues. No money missing from his company. Nothing missing from his abandoned vehicle. Just vanished.

Then there are the satellite photos that are showing us lost cities beneath jungles and other places. Yummy. Think of what they could discover that they shouldn’t in a wicked paranormal. –fanning self-

Arrrgggggg… how about the embracing couple dug up in Italy, I think it was. OMG sooo romantic. Entwined in death like nothing we’ve ever seen. What an absolutely sizzling historical. Who were they? Why is death the embrace that unites them forever? What drove them to this, or who?

The melting south pole. OMG!!! So much long buried area emerging daily. An environment that used to be deadly to humans. What was it protecting? Who has something to lose and who has everything to gain?

Need I go on? Now that I have given myself permission to dream I can’t stop. Everything has a story to tell. I need to stop reading the news or watching the Discovery channel. The History channel must be banned as well. Okay, all CNN channels and the Fox New Network. Um, perhaps the real life mystery channel too. Okay, now I can finish something I’ve already started.


Linda said...

That's why you're the writer and I'm not. None of those ideas ever occurred to me, until you mentioned them, that is. LOL I'm really intrigued by the one about what might be hidden under the melting polar ice. That couple that died entwined (was it Vesuvius?) would not allow for an HEA.

I do love the way your mind works.

Gail said...

Yes, the entwined couple is a HEA. They are together forever. It could be a very dark romance, but in the end, that man holds her into eternity.

What did he have to do to earn that privilege? What did she endure to place her heart in his hands? They are the most romantic thing ever.

We have never seen a burial like this. Not even close. Whoever they were, their commitment glows around them centuries later. Did we awaken something that humans of the time feared? Were they sealed in and with the opening of the tomb are they now free again?

Sighhhhhhhh…I can’t start this.

Linda said...

LOL Okay, I concede, in your hands and fertile mind, it's romantic. I really don't have your imagination. And I should have said, Pompei.