Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A little dragon fire...

Unedited. Read at your own risk.

“Kelly, enough crawling the big fungus. We don’t know where it’s been.” Molly interrupted. “I was willing to pretend I couldn’t hear every word of the argument from the kitchen door but I draw the line at copulation.”

Kelly reluctantly turned her head to face her friend. He had one arm snaking up her back, his hand cupping the back of her head. They both knew he’d allowed her to turn her head. She wasn’t pulling away from him as she did it. Cord didn’t feel that was reason to stop tasting so continued down her cheek and around her ear.

“Not to worry. Copulation will not… um, oh,” Kelly seemed to lose her train of thought as his tongue dragged slowly down the side of her neck. “Relax Molly, you’re turn is coming,” she managed to crook.

“Oh really?” Molly faced them from the stove, one hand on hip the other brandishing a wooden spoon. “Fungus thinks he’s getting some witch sandwich action? Kelly, you might think he’s all portabella in garlic butter but he just became poop fur to me.”

The rumble of laughter in his chest was a welcome interruption. Cord’s head lifted from Kelly’s body as he chuckled and slowly let Kelly go. “That’s a good one, Mol. Sure you don’t want to save poop fur for Range? It’s particularly disgusting.”

Kelly had a hold of Cord’s hand and was edging him to the table. “This one is mine, Molly,” she stated firmly but laughter laced each word. “You’ll have to settle for your own dragon. I don’t share.”

Molly was still frowning at them. The house coat was now swallowed under a long apron that was obviously Kelly’s. Molly would be giving in to wishful thinking to call herself five foot three inches. Kelly was easily six foot.

“He’s grown! Molly exclaimed as they stepped into the kitchen. “Kelly, look at him. He’s gotten all big.” The spoon wavered at she pointed it a Cord.

“Is something burning? Cord asked leaving Kelly’s side to stride towards Molly and the stove.

“Oh my God. The muffins. Pot holders. I need potholders,” Molly exclaimed as she turned to pull out draws and snapped the shut in frustration.

Cord opened the oven and pulled out a tray of golden muffins, placing them carefully on cooling rack by the stove. Both Kelly and Molly froze.

“Your hand?” Kelly breathed in concern.

“Dragons have a thing for fire,” Cord commented. “It doesn’t exactly burn us.” He held up his hand so both women could see his unscathed palm.

“Oh,” Molly gulped and backed up a step.

“But we don’t know shit about cooking. Should I stir this gravy while you get over it?” Cord asked Molly conversationally. “Smells too good to let it burn over a little shock.”

Molly nodded and Cord plucked the wooden spoon out of her hand.

“Thanks,” she responded automatically. “I cook when I’m nervous, or…” her words dropped off as she stared at Cord stirring her gravy and backed closer to Kelly.

“I think we’re in trouble,” Molly said after a brief silence.

“Yeah,” Kelly agreed with her.

“This is really happening,” Molly continued.

Cord took the pan of gravy off the stove, placing it beside the muffins. “Mind if I eat while we discus what’s happening?”


Linda said...

I love your dragon, but "fungus". Ewwwww. Maybe it's not as icky in the build-up but I'm picturing Jabba the Hut here. Not sexy.

Comparing the sizes of Kelly and Molly sounds like a couple of women we know. heh heh

Anonymous said...

LOL! Typical male worried about food. I love the witch sandwich comment!

LOLOLOLOL Fungus and poop fur...I gotta meet Range


zinreads said...

I love your dragon Gail, and I am assuming the fungus comment is along the lines of "...grows on you like a...." *lol*