Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not gonna find an Easter Egg in this..

I don't think it matters how brightly painted they are, the eggs are not gonna be found 'til it melts.

Yep, we gots your winter wonder land Easter here. Winter storm warnings, road warnings, all of it.

I am gettin' a bit tired of being a snow bunny. I was looking forward to muddy, rainy spring bunny, dang it.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. We'll be over here making our Easter snow man. LOL


Linda said...

Snort! Easter snowman!

I'm down in Florida this weekend. Have to go over to my uncle's house to have access to internet. sigh

BUT the weather is beautiful!

Happy Easter, Gail, to you and your family.

Gail said...

Humph! Florida. Go ahead, rub it in. I don't even feel sorry for you on the internet line. bla...LOL

Hope you have fun. Really, just kidding above.

Joan said...

Hmmm...Easter snowman...would that be a snowman with a carrot nose and rabbit ears??

Sorry you are snowed in, luv.


Gail said...

LOL...The snow Rabbit, that's right. At least we know better than to use the yellow snow. Regardless of how Easter that would look.

You know the time has past to pick your daughter's Easter dress when she comes out wearing it and says with no small amount of disgust. "Mom, it looks like the Easter Bunny threw up all over me."