Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fear the silence

I am a very poor example of how to wait to hear from agents and editors gracefully. Just saying, it’s hard for me to concentrate on anything while waiting. I'd actually rather get a quick and easy rejection than this echoing silence. But there is a character who draws me away from the worry.

I’m working on the next Unit book. Charlie is such a smooth player. He’s the type of man who makes me listen to slow Jazz drifting through sultry shadows. He is the rain on a tropic night, shrouding the world in welcome steam. He knows when to be hard and when to be smart, and never think for one moment that he’s not both. Quiet is the only warning one gets when he’s about to bring the storm.


Georgia Woods said...

Oh, goodie - I've been waiting for Charlie - I have a very soft spot for K9s, working or otherwise. :-) Remind me to tell you the story about the "meanest" K9 in my PD and what happened when his handler brought him into a class I was taking while he was teaching.


Anonymous said...

Yahoo as well... I have been hoping that Charlie would reappear soon....I've missed him!!
Thanks Gail

P.S. Just keep thinking positive thoughts.... we have faith in you!

zinreads said...

Gail, You are an outstanding author and you will get the contract offer you are meant to get so take a deep breath, and let Charlie exorcise your demons in waiting. *g*

I have loved Charlie ever since I first met him, so I am hoping that you are very productive while you wait.


Anonymous said...

bring on charlie!!

and ditto to zin on the contract front

Anonymous said...

Ya know Gail that was a ver unfair blurb about Charlie bringing the storm. You sure do know how to whet a ladies appetite for the appearance of the man. Is there a tiney new excerpt out there somewhere? Lucy