Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun weekend

BBQ, a little sun, an excellent NASCAR race, planting my herb garden, rereading a four book series of a favorite author, Memorial Day Ceremony at the town square.

That’s what I did. Loved it! What did you do? Make something up if ya have to. LOL


Anonymous said...

Saturday spent time with family,ate chinese food at my fav place.Sunday shoveled dirt for 4 hrs workin in the backyard, stuck a quarter in a slot machine and won big bucks! Yup I got to become one of THOSE people *happy dancin*
Sunday was spent realizing just how old my body is after all the shoveling. Went to see the new Indy movie,which was fun but had a couple really cheesy over the top moments. Not as good as the other movies but still a fun flick.

Gail said...

Wow, sounds great. 'Cept for the shoveling...shaking Congradulations on the win!!! Good for you!

Georgia Woods said...

Spent it working...you know how it is - give people a holiday, they see it as a reason to drink, and drive, and shoot each other, and fight, and... *sigh* But we call that job security. :-)