Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm a NASCAR fan

You know I never mention sports in this blog. That’s how mad I am. STILL!! I wanted to rant last night but forced myself to go to bed hoping I’d be calmer this morning.

Kyle Busch needs a spanking.

The child is riding a rocket with an eleven-year-old boy’s mentality. At three laps to go he wrecked the car he couldn’t pass, displaying a temper tantrum behind the wheel. If he couldn’t win, that other boy wasn’t gonna.

I could almost get over it if Baby Boy Busch had not already paraded his ugly, little boy mentality many times.

In a sport dominated by big boys playing with fast toys, he takes the Gummy Worm Prize. It’s earned by the Y chromosome trying to make something of its “gummy worm” by being a dangerous fool on the track and an embarrassing idiot off it.

So here it is. GUMMY WORM PRIZE WINNER ~~ Kyle Busch

In the immortal words of the Eagles, "I just wanna grab your inner child and spank its little ass."

BTW Runner up is Michael Waltrip. Gunning the car into the wrecked car almost got you this week's Gummy. But not quite.


joan said...

Gummy Worm Prize! ROFL!

That is priceless. Gonna have to remember it.

zinreads said...

Yes, that was an EXCELLENT display of Testosterone Poisoning, wasn't it?!


Anonymous said...

we call him "Peanut Head",and that was a fine example of why.

Georgia Woods said...

OMG I love you even more - another NASCAR fan!! And yes, those Busch boys have some growing up to do...they are a fine example of what happens when boys are allowed to take on the responsibilities of men along with too much money way too young... :-)