Friday, May 16, 2008

These two make me laugh

From an unnamed manuscript. Hows this for an opening? LOL

"Seeking: Dark Hero, dragonslayer, warrior, paranormal experience a plus. Politically incorrect attitudes required. Prince Charming need not apply. Shiny armor and clean white horse indicate lack of experience, refer to Prince Charming’s directive. Serious applications only, high reward for high risk. Contact Damsels in Distress, P.O. Box 42, Centerville, Ohio. Please include most recent conquered foe in resume." Jules read aloud.

"I don't think you should have listed dragonslayer. If there are dragons they've got to be an endangered species, you know?" Jules commented as she surveyed Meredith's add in the Columbus Tribune.

"Like it matters," Meredith said bitterly. "It's a joke. Seemed like a good idea at 3 a.m. Newspapers shouldn't let people pay online after a certain hour at night. Hitting the send button is too easy."

"Well, advertising for a hero in the Columbus Tribune is a little pointless. Maybe if you'd sent it to the Stars & Stripes or perhaps a New York paper it might've made more sense." Jules closed the newspaper and set it beside her coffee cup.

Both women were silent a few minutes. Sitting at a patio table outside the Old Lace Coffee Shop, they presented an unusual picture. It went far beyond simply being a blonde and a brunette. Meredith, with her pale blonde hair pulled back in a firmly controlled bun, pristine white blouse buttoned all the way up her long neck and midcalf length skirt sat across from Jules. Brunette Jules with her spiky hair, leather vest and threadbare jeans stuffed into biker boots.

"It was a gesture. You know me, I'd like to believe those kind of man really exist but I'm not an actual idiot. Even if I was at one time, life experience has straightened me out. The hero never shows up in the nick of time, there is no Calvary coming over the hill and if a woman wants saving she had better damn well do it herself."


joan said...

Ooooo. Very good!

Anonymous said...

I like Jules


Anonymous said...

It's good !
Please write more :-)

byrdloves2read said...

*snicker* *giggle* *snort*

Love the bit about the shiny armor and white horse reflecting lack of experience. I'm still laughing. I could hardly read it aloud to Bill without cracking up.

Sunflower said...

Gail, is this still an unfinished manuscript or has it been published? I'm dying to read the rest!

Gail Faulkner said...

Hi Sunflower, Sorry to say, this one is unpublished. In January I will be releasing Clair Of Earth. An intensely erotic Sci/Fi. In February I hope to have Perfectly Exposed out. A contemporary with a hero who is in no way damaged by his service to our country. LOL He is willing to use every damn thing he's been trained for to keep his woman safe.

Sunflower said...

Hi Gail, thanks for replying. I saw your blog posts about Clair of Earth, very exciting! I only discovered your books very recently. (I left a review on Amazon for Full Ride... under the name ireneQ) I'm so happy to have discovered another author to follow -- I read Ask For It a few weeks ago and it's still sticking in my head, too. So different from the Ghost Unit series. Going to start on Wicked Beast tonight! I like that you try so many different types of characters, very unpredictable LOL. Thank you for all the enjoyable fun reads!