Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What was I thinking??

Writing can be a tricky business. To write believable characters the author draws on real life experiences with a variety of people. Most of the people in my books are a combination of many people I have known or observed. Only once have I let a character be entirely one person I know in real life. I asked permission and let the preson preread everything.

The problem arises when people I soooooooo did not think of when writing the book think I used them for a character. Insist on it. Are emphatic about it and spend long periods of time trying to get me to see that I was writing about them and I must admit it.

Without fail this is a person I can’t tell the truth too. I can deny and deflect, but I can’t actually say, “I hate heroines who are too stupid to live. Therefore I can never use you as pattern!” Or in a male’s case. “Heroes are strong men, alpha personalities. I don’t know how to write an omega hero. You have nothing to worry about. You will never show up as a lead in my books.”

The only good thing about these people is they make great secondary, idiot characters. I have yet to pattern a villain after one of these irritating individuals. The reason for that is a hero does not kill a person just because they are irritating. However, I’m beginning to rethink that.

A hero could have done it in his past, right? Just shot someone to shut them up? No? Oh, well. I guess I’ll need another villain to do it.

Writing is wonderful outlet. All that frustration can be thrown under the buss in the next manuscript. LOL


joan said...

"Just shot someone to shut them up?"


Gail said...

That's the thing about a dominant, alpha, they never do something like that. They are way to freaking smart, long term thinkers, and have themselves under control at all times. However, perhaps a young werewolf could get away with it? No, not a wolf. Would have to be a weretiger or weremountain lion. They have not patience.

Anonymous said...

Remember the first Indiana Jones.... when one of the villains came after Indy with a sword and he took out his gun and shot him... Loved that scene!! It was hilarious!
I think if anyone can pull off creating an alpha-hero that kills off an annoying secondary character and make it acceptable) you could.
Something to think about for your next story... maybe Charlie is just the alpha to do it!!
Take care Gail....keep writing and blogging.... it makes my day!