Saturday, May 10, 2008

Where is the Hero?

Reading romance comes with obvious heroes. Men who do the right thing, fight for the underdog and save the lady, all the while putting themselves in great peril. If you can’t identify the hero in fiction you’re not reading romance.

In real life it’s just as easy to find the hero. One simply has to know where to look for them.

For me, a hero is the person who does the right thing and sorta hopes no one notices. Soon as someone does the right thing for praise it becomes something else.

A hero is the person who doesn’t care what everyone else is doing, they live by internal standards. That means doing whatever they do right, even if everyone else is cutting corners. Deception is a combat tool, not a lifestyle.

Most of all, a hero is trustworthy. I have several heroes. People I know will be there for me even if I’m wrong. They will not support the wrong thing I’ve done, but they will support me in finding a way to correct it.

Be a hero.


joan said...

"Deception is a combat tool, not a lifestyle."

Love it!

byrdloves2read said...

Good thoughts. My husband is just such a hero. I'm going to show him your description and tell him so.