Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can't Have It

You know how on a rainy summer day the children act like the house is a prison? Doesn’t matter that they wouldn’t have been outside much on a sunny day because its to hot. We all really, really want what we can’t have.

I’m enjoying exploring the concept of wanting what he can’t have with a certain lion humanoid. Needless to say, his species is made up of extraordinarily alpha males, especially when dealing with a little female who embodies the scent of seduction. It’s not her fault. She doesn’t even know what she does to him and he has to keep it that way. As soon as he’s found what he came for, Burke is going to declare Earth a forbidden planet.

Earth might be beyond the rim but it sits in the darkness of space like a succulent jewel. Slavers would eagerly strip it of these amazing, sexually compelling females if they found out about them. Didn’t matter how diligent Guardians are, the lizards would find a way. Plentiful and sexually available with no deadly, natural defenses, Earth woman would be far more valuable than any contraband drug.

Burke is shocked when he realizes the little Earth woman doesn’t think she’s attractive at all. Her standard of what’s attractive seems to be based on the look of underfed famine survivors. Burke isn’t about to explain how the lush curves of her figure are specifically designed to drive a warrior insane. He'd crushed the back of one of her kitchen chairs the other morning when standing behind her he'd watched as she bent to find an item from under her sink. Thank the Goddess she'd believed him when he said he'd tripped and grabbed it for balance. When was the last time anyone saw an adult feline trip?

Getting that body under him is a fantasy he can’t afford but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to resist. Are all human women ignorant of the personal space concept, or just this one who drives him out of his mind?

Lordy, having this much fun in my head should be against the law.


byrdloves2read said...

You're having waaay too much fun torturing this poor lion. LOL Can't wait to read the whole story.

Kealie Shay said...

I agree, you are gleefully pushing him.

Can't wait to see his reactions.

Gail said...

I admit it. He is just so honorable. Who could resist?