Thursday, July 24, 2008

My morning

It’s a lovely, perfect day in Ohio. In the middle of winter it’s hard to remember this type of day does come. Winter is very gray in Ohio. I have no idea why it’s so overcast in the winter months but I do know endless days of gray are depressing. However, it’s a good time to escape into fantasy and therefore a great time to write.

Back to the lovely sunshine of today, I’m resisting the pull of weeding and such to spend some time with the lions of Leonor. Yummy. My muse has them lounging around in the sun pretending to be patient with me. They are not a civilized as they’d like everyone to believe. Just because all that power is focused on protection doesn’t make them tame.

Tor is more relaxed than his brothers. The fierce high king of Leonor has his desert flower under his arm and no intention of letting her out of his sight. Sahara is no fool. If the big cat needs to spoil her, she’s happy to let him. It pleases him and when he’s content everything is much calmer.

Burke is the one pacing the yard perimeter. At over eight foot, he’s a bit intimidating. His mission to earth is much more dangerous than any of us knew. Earth women have no idea what their affect on a Leonor warrior is. When he’s found what he needs here, Burke is going to declare this a forbidden planet and then take himself to the other side of the galaxy and spend a year on the rim. Two if he’d not over the draw of what he’s found here.

The third brother regards his siblings with tolerant amusement. He feels a bit sorry for them. That superior attitude is a dangerous thing. Earth women are a challenge he’s not prepared for.

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Georgia Woods said...

So, by this can we assume this will be a trilogy? I hope, I hope, I hope... All I can say is yum yum...