Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Drawing of a Leonor Male

I promised a sketch.

He is humanoid but don't let that fool you. The Lions of Leonor are NOT tame.

Sketch by Gail Faulkner, all rights reserved.

Edited to add: Sorry, I couldn't get the smirk off his face. He thinks earth females are adorable.


Nancy R said...

I'm not sure smirk is the right description and neither is lear but there is an under tone of smolder.

Georgia Woods said...

And a very sexy smirk it is, too. :-)

This is gonna be SUCH a sexy book...I just know it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome sketch!
I love the smirk. I'd love to see all your drawings


byrdloves2read said...

How lucky you are to be able to draw how you picture your characters. Awesome.

Kealie Shay said...

Well, earth females think he's adorable too.

Thanks for the sketch. I wish I could sketch the men in my head... I usually have to find some sort of close second.