Friday, September 5, 2008

Editing, editing, editing!

We all know I’m a special project with the editing, I adore my critique partner and her sharp eye. The woman wears a cape and tights, red of course. She’s my hero. My EC editor, Mary Moran, walks on water in her spare time.

Three manuscripts in the editing process is a formula for insanity. Just so ya know.

With everyone else I’m watching the east coast. You guys be safe. Tropical storms/hurricanes, I don’t like them. Living in South Miami through Hurricane Andrew was enough for me.


Nancy R said...

I'm so glad to hear about the number of books that are near the end of the pipe line. As a faithful reader I can't wait.

As a residents of south east Virginia we pulled in plants & lawn furniture yesterday. Today we are just keeping our eye on the wind & rain. We have been letting the dogs out in between squalls. The wind in just short of limbs comming down. I don't think we will lose ant trees. The groung has been dry all summer so the tree roots are tight.

Best of all we still have power.

Thanks for your good thoughts.

joanie said...

Oooo....I love red! You're critique partner is a lucky girl.


Anonymous said...

3 manuscripts? YAY!

Kelly-can't wait for new Gail book

N.J.Walters said...

Woohoo! Three manuscripts in editing is a very good thing.

Looks like the cat is helping with the edits. LOL Good luck with them.