Friday, November 14, 2008

ASK FOR IT is here!!

Link to Ellora's Cave I'm so excited!! The Lions of Leonor are out.

In case your wondering, Burke is next.


Daphne said...

Rushed right home, downloaded that baby, and it was totally worth the wait!!!! Love your creativity and the imagination that produced this world. Thank you for not making me beg for a story about the brothers...LOL...really excited and interested to learn more about the Mist Lions - their abilities, how they left Leonor, what they've been up to, can they be persuaded to return, will they be accepted if they do.

I'm really enjoying reading the story from the male's point of view...truly, a novel approach :-)

Nikita said...

I just read Ask For It, and I'm eagerly awaiting Burke's story. Gail, this is an incredible book, and definitely has the makings of an incredible series that I'll pick up as soon as they're released!!!

I adore your Leonor warriors and Mist Lions!!

Gail said...

I am soooo happy you enjoyed the lions! As you can tell, they freaking turn me on. LOL

Lorelai said...

I just finished reading Ask for it for the second time. When is Burke's story?

Gail said...

Hi Lorelai, wow, twice. The lions love you, in case you were wondering.

Burke's story will be out in 2009. He's soooooo sexy. Jus sayin. LOL

Joanne said...

Wow, just finished reading Ask for it. So HOT. Loved it, just loved it. Can't wait for Burke's story... and hopefully many others.
I agree with Daphne, I really enjoyed reading the story from the males perspective... so cool !!!
Thank you Gail, this will be a book I read and re-read :)
Two thumbs up for your Leonor alpha warriors and their awesome Mist Lions.

Daphne said...

One more thing - YUMMY body on the cover...set high expectations that the Lions definitely lived up um good...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Gail, I emailed you.

How did you know I was gonna ask for Burke?
Kelly-blinking innocently

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever create Burkes story?