Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank you all

Thank you for the wonderful concern and interest, I am well. Sorry that I have no answer on when there will be a new book. Please do not take this personally and I apologize for the long silences. The summer was a needed break.

God bless, Gail

btw...this is one I painted this summer. Not really the sort of thing a proper erotic author should be


Lori said...

hen you are ready, the books will come.

And wow - you are an incredibly talented artist!

Jo said...

Sooooo glad you are back.
I agree with Lori....the books will come. And my gosh what an awesome picture. A hidden talent there hmmm.

Patty D said...

awhile ago I read an excerpt or first chapter of a book and now I am desperate to read the book, but dont know a title or an author. I post on Bonnie Rose Leigh' yahoo group and she thinks that it is a future book of yours. I dont have much in the way of remembering but here it is. the story starts out that a shifter of some sort has gone to protect a woman and her child who as yet dont know him. The mom is hurt and he is having to carry out the unconscious woman and the child. I think the guy was some sort of guardian type person... I think. Any help?

Gail said...

Hi Patty D, the book is Wicked Beast and one of mine. It hasn't been released but is in editing as we type. I haven't put an excerpt up for some time because it changes daily. lol Thank you for asking.

Patty D said...

Thank you SO much. I am anxious for the book to come out. I dont remember where I read the excert, but it has been HAUNTING me.

Patty D said...

Ok, many in Bonnie Rose Leigh's yahoo group want to know what publisher Wicked Beast will be released under. We are all anxious to read it.


Gail said...

Thank you so much for the interest Patty :)

Wicked Beast is contracted through Ellora's Cave. I do not have a release date, I'll post when I know.

N.J.Walters said...

You're a very talented artist!

wooldridgek said...


I've become a great fan of yours! I'm a military brat even went so far as to join the service myself and after 14 years I still love my job and incidentally watching some truly wonderful alpha males around me. So it should come as no surprise that after I stumbled upon your Ghost Unit series I fell in love with each character and I'm wait and searching for the next books in the Ghost Unit Series I had seen it mentioned in your news Mar 07, your blog in May 08 and again at April 07 is series going to published soon?

I had not seen it on the coming soon listing at Ellora's Cave. When requesting info through their website they had no forthcoming information to provide.

The title's I saw mentioned where Blind Fire for Charlie's book and Real Time for Jackson 's book. Are these books soon to be released?

Thank You for your time.


mentpay said...

Just do what you need to. If its more books great because we love them ,if not that's ok, but we must make our self's happy before anything else or nothing is any good. Bless you and Go with God.

Frank said...

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