Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mem. Weekend

Checking in, enjoying a long weekend. I hope everyone is having fun.

Just noticed I can be purchased on Kindle now...wooohooooo!

Freedom isn't free, thank you to every person who has purchased it for me and mine.



Anonymous said...

Kindle?? C;mon...iPad is the only way to read a Gail Faulkner story!

Happy Summer to Gail and all her fans.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back on the blog. Have you heard anything more about a release date on your new story? I'm really looking forward to another story.

Jo said...

Hi there. I'm glad I found you again. Wasn't sure what was happening when your website disappeared. Hope you are well and enjoying life.
Quick's been ages since you first introduced us to Blind Fire and Real time from the Ghost Unit series. I'm trying to be patient here, but it must be a couple of years at least that I've been waiting. Any updates???
I read in an earlier blog that your writing style has changed. Does this mean no more Ghost Unit?
Im sure whatever you write will be golden Gail, thank you for the books you have given us so far. Keep up the great work, we love you.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Jo, I love your books Gail. Are you going to have anything coming out anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

More, more, more! Puh-leese? The Ghost Unit boys ROCK! *shiver*

Anonymous said...

No updates on this blog. Is Gail ok?

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