Wednesday, August 24, 2011


One love scene to write in the book and its done. Sounds simple enough. pffttttttttttttttt!!!!

It's the final love scene and I had left it 'til last because one needs to be in right frame of mind to write a gripping, emotionally charged, final for the hero and heroine. It was the only job I had today. The one thing to do before merrily sending this huge, plus novel to be read by my talented, gifted reader.

Now I'm ready to bludgeon close blood relations and bury the body in the garden. Doesn't matter that its only eleven thirty, the entire day is shot for writing. Being mad, frustrated, irritated, and a freaking lot more words that sharply decline in morality and points at my own heritage, straight screws with creativity much less the ability to write compelling sex.


...with all of them.

I feel a little better. Doesn't get me back to writing the good stuff.

People have no idea how they destroy a creative mind's ability to function with interruptions. One can't just stop, deal with your little trauma, then get back to the same creative place. Its impossible. I can't seem to get this across. The words fail to penetrate. It's like I'm speaking Greek to the host of Hungarians. It seems non-creative people have no ability to even imagine how this feels. They do not stop.

Yeah, I'm ranting. Not really off the mad yet.


parentof3 said...

Hmmmm sounds like me when I'm in the middle of something and the monsters I live with, otherwise known as my teenagers, decide it's a good time to mess with me :-S. I usually pack it in, grab a pedicure, hit the local restaurant for a good margarita and dessert, then go home. By then they've found other things to do and voila I can finish in peace :-D. Best of all...I don't go to prison for the torture and murder of the monsters!! Yea! lol Hope things get easier, but if not there's always tomorrow to finish up :-).

Gail said...

sounds like a very good system! Tomorrow it is....sigh

Georgia Woods said...

Yeah, but even when you go back to it, the same words don't come - you can write a scene out in your head, and if you get interrupted before you get it down, it doesn't always come out the way you envisioned it the first time, and it feels like a huge failure. So yeah, been there. Ugh. But I can't tell you how glad I am to know you are writing again. I've been jonesing for some Gail for a long time. :)


Gail said...

Wavin at Georgia!! So nice to hear from you.

Yep, not the same but sometimes it's better...shrug...sometimes its not.

Georgia Woods said...

Wavin' back at Gail! So NICE to see you around the 'net again!

And yes, sometimes, totally better. LOL! I was having one of those "if my phone doesn't stop ringing, I'm gonna toss the sucker" days, and had lost my train of thought like ten times. Now, I turn it off.

Hugs! And here's hoping the writing is going well.