Friday, August 5, 2011

So I sent in the manuscript..

There was much happy dancing and joy until the pesky contract subject. Seems we must wait weeks for that department to send new version. Good thing the other manuscript has a signed contract and just needs a few changes to get it out.

Much deflated but still, news is this:  Two books coming from EC in the near future. "Near" being a relative term. I'm excited!

Can't remember if I've posted about ANY PRICE. I know I've put some info up from WICKED BEAST.

More news to follow....sometime. lol


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!!! Please tell me there are going to be more books about the MacKelvins??!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's great news. It's been too long since you've shared your wonderful talent with us.

parentof3 said...

Saweeet! :-D doing a lil happy wiggle (cause this girl don't dance without alot of tequila lol). Keeping my eye on the upcoming books at EC now.

Gail said...

::::very busy makin a note about all the tequila required for dancin:::

I will probably not show up on the "comming soon" page for a few months. They do these things a long time in advance. It is offical that I'll be there eventually though...grin.

Georgia Woods said...

Oh Gail! I'm so glad to know - I'll be watching. :)