Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So Cord strolls into the Cave Oct 26, 2011

You know, he's on a mission and he's pissed. I suggest you let him have his way with you. ::::grin::::

Here is a little bit of Cord.

“Kiss me,” she whispered into the silence.

He gave it to her, slow and deep. She wanted to feel cherished and he had no problem with that. He cherished the hell out of her. There was no adequate way to express how deeply he valued her, but nor was he capable of what she was looking for now, and that burned deep in his mind. He could pretend though. If it made her happy, he could be any freaking thing she needed. Ruthlessly, relentlessly.

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parentof3 said...

omg! ok need a fan now, talk about hot! lol Sooo gonna love him :-)