Monday, October 13, 2014

I have a question

An explanation first: Writing an intense book is, intense. Sending an intense manuscript away is a moment that comes with what I’m going to call, writer letdown.  It’s feeling loss and high anxiety. The writer knows it’s going to be a long wait to hear what the editor thinks, if they even choose to accept it. To handle this anxious, unbearably long wait to discover the fate of my emotional baby, I sometimes write myself happy.  That means writing a story that just makes me happy. That is how my book Romeo came to be. I wasn’t even going to submit that one but a friend brow beat me into doing so.

So I’ve done it again. Submitted an intense Unit book and then wrote a story that just makes me happy. It is so not my usual thing that I realized it can easily be considered young adult. (Think Twilight book One level of romance) To test this theory I asked a young person to read it this weekend. Her response was overwhelmingly positive, convincing me to publish.

My question is, should I publish it under a different name? Here are the two reasons that cause my struggle.

1. Not to confuse Faithful fans expecting very explicit content.
2. Not to confuse New readers who enjoy a lighter level of content who might choose to read my other works.

What do you think? 

New Name?  OR    Publish under Gail Faulkner and let folks take thier chances?

Would love to know why you made one choice or the other, too.


icia said...

I personally think you should use a different name if you're going to be writing for a younger audience. But let everyone know you're writing under a different name. I know a few other authors do it when they are writing for different type genres.

teriannesis said...

Normally I have no problems with an author having different series under the same name. however given the level of sex and other elements and your intended audience I think that a new name is a necessity.

Gail Faulkner said...

Thank you for your thoughts. I agree, different name but acknowledge the pen name and reason for it.