Monday, October 20, 2014

When is it okay for an author to get her mood on and tell it like she feels it?

Is it not okay when her publisher/editor wants a major plot adjustment because, “it just doesn’t feel right”. Nor when said publishing house can’t get their work done on time and make payments when promised.

Absolutely not when a reviewer starts a review with the information that they are in a bad mood and this might get snarky. Um, NO, Author is absolutely not permitted to respond to that.

I start with all of the above because it is so easy to see things from the poor me perspective as an author. The author ALWAYS has to take the high road or be bashed.

However, the fact is, Author, YOU SIGNED UP FOR THAT.

Writing a book and getting published can’t be done by accident. So unlike Royal babies who are born into the public eye and have a right to get pissed at unfair/snarky/ignorant public comment on their activities, not one published author tripped and accidently fell into the public eye.

Speaking from experience, being a new author is traumatic. The best advice I can give a new author is write what moves you. Do that the best you can on every level. When your book is published, enjoy the positive, limit your exposure to the negative (way hard to do). Move on.

By moving on I mean write the next book. Or don’t. Whatever you do, do not make that one book the measure of your world. If your book does become the measure of someone’s world, that is their problem. Do not let it become yours.

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