Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Acquiring Clair -First Page question

11/27/2014 UPDATE:  The edits on this one will be extensive. I almost deleted this post but figured it would be better to let you all know that things are changing. Thanks for stopping by!!

This is the first page of an erotic romance that is not light on D/s. Kindly do not read if you do not enjoy or understand that type of relationship. This will piss you off. If you do enjoy something that skims closer to the erotic edge, crack on.

Also. if a all possible, let me know if you would continue reading this book?

Acquiring Clair:

Chapter One
“Woman, the clothing. Remove it.”

Her shudder at his growl was the response Trel sought. The right amount of apprehension would provided emotional distance and protect her in ways he couldn’t. It wasn’t much of a plan and it mostly sucked. Pray the Goddesses it would be enough.

            His gaze returned to the report-pad in his hand, maintaining the aloof attitude she needed to sustain emotional distance. Acutely nonhuman senses monitored her movements. He could have done it from the next room. This close the slide of jeans down curvy legs was just a very effective way to drive him insane. Resisting the urge to glance up at her tiny indrawn breath as the bra dropped off her shoulders probably cost him ten years off his life. He could afford it. Protecting her meant she wouldn’t be with him then.

His sensitive ears cataloged her progress but nothing was more evocative, more compelling than the fragrance of her excitement. His command to remove her clothing had triggered an immediate response in that delicate spice.

            Her arousal perfuming his dwelling forced him to beat back the instinctive, possessive answer his nature clamored for. A cruelly limited range of expression was all he was afforded in this setting. Denial born of control could slice away a male’s soul. A fact he’d been unaware of before meeting her.

            She was bare and Trel let her stand before his desk for several minutes, pretending to ignore her. Luckily he could regulate sweat, that indication of his emotional involvement would have been ridiculously obvious.

Over twenty earth years separated them from the moment he’d known who she was to him. Every one of those years had been a test of his discipline. At times, Centurion honor was all that stood between her and the brutal revelation of his claim.

Brutal only described the choice he would not ask her to make, not what would have occurred had he been free to claim her as a Brintex should. Seducing his mate was supposed to be a sensuous, intoxicating journey into pleasure. One she could not resist.

Mated females enjoyed their Centurion’s undivided attention. Mate-bond meant there would never be another female for the Centurion as a male’s genetic code imprinted his female. Deeply passionate and immensely powerful, Centurions were by necessity possessive, attentive lovers.

Trel jerked his thoughts from the luxury of seducing his woman with the erotic courtship he would have given her. This reality was what they had.  He would make it every bit as erotic as he could but he would not permit her the pain of falling in love with him.


Anonymous said...

First of all - funky change in your website format! A nice surprise!

And I could definitely read more of this!!
Hint hint..

Gail Faulkner said...

Thanks for noticing the new dress! LOL

Yayyyyy, Acquiring Clair will be out soon. I just saw the cover today. :)


Anonymous said...

I would absolutely read more. It has been too long.

Gail Faulkner said...

Thanks for waiting. I am thrilled to have three books in production right now. So 2015 will be exciting.

Anonymous said...

Would love to read this book brilliant, have sooo loved and thoroughly enjoyed your books over the years. Looking forward to this one. Can not wait.

Anonymous said...

Would love to read this book. Have loved your books and can't wait for this one !!