Friday, November 7, 2014

So sorry, Jack is being all Jack.


Perfectly Exposed

“Little one,” he spoke firmly but quietly. She was staring at her knees in perfect submissive pose, excellent. Her face turned up. Holding her gaze, Jack patted his thigh.

Her lips parted as her eyes dropped to his thigh. She didn’t hesitate beyond that. Moving swiftly, little girl settled that delectable bottom on his lap.

Well hell. That felt way better than he had imagined it would. His hand smoothed up under the skirt, over the cheek of her ass and came to rest on the small of her back. Shit. How was he supposed to focus on the criminal element of the world when little Hailey’s ass was split with a thong?

Shudders raced up her spine. Excitement or fear? He wondered as he looked down at her sitting where she belonged. Even if this was the worst possible place for them to begin, wanting her right where she sat for so long made the moment sweet. The freedom to express how deeply she belonged to him was fucking ambrosia to his soul.

 He stroked two fingers down her thong, pressing between clenched globes as he looked down at the prettiest face he’d ever seen. His other hand skimmed up her thigh and under the skirt from the front until two fingers caressed damp silk. Oh yeah. His girl was excited. Her body vibrated as he touched her with dominant intimacy.

Making the visual statement that she was his to handle calmed him down on one level. Being a possessive bastard, on another level he was still pissed as all get out. Pissed but damn happy he suddenly had every fucking right to clear up her future activities. Little girl just bought herself a whole new reality.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! When will this be finished and available??

Gail Faulkner said...

This is will be available early 2015. :)

I had an whole other excerpt ready to go and somehow couldn't put it up. This is the face Jack wanted put out there so what the heck, he gets what he wants.

Anonymous said...

Very exciting! Please let us know when we can pre-order! Will be a Christmas present to myself I think ��