Thursday, April 16, 2015

PERFECTLY EXPOSED release date May 8 - Amazon pre-ordering NOW!!!!

Perfectly Exposed
Command Unit, Book One
By Gail Faulkner

Five years ago Hailey had been so fucking far out of Jack’s reach. Then barely twenty, the woman-child wasn’t ready to handle the man who craved her, so he made sure his ass didn’t intrude on her life. The last three years he’s lived in her building, enduring the torture of maintaining distant-acquaintance status. An experience he’d recommend about as much as walkin’ across razors to get to your boots.

Now she is all grown up. All Jack had to do is get through this assignment and he’d be free to make his move. Fully prepared to tone down what he wants to whatever Hailey’s comfort level is. Still, he’s spent considerable time imagining how teaching her to be bad in private would be an exercise in extreme pleasure for both of them.

Hailey in the club the night he has a meet with his mark was just goat-fuck luck. Yatzic, the vicious flesh trafficker is no fool. Hailey will catch his attention and do it in a big way. Yatzic likes innocent ass, he likes it bloody more.

The clock just ran out on Hailey’s freedom, and she is his to protect even when she puts herself in a dangerous situation. Forced to get his shit together fast, Jack is faced with several issues. Deciding he is taking ownership of her little self and her agreeing with him on that might take some finesse.


Anonymous said...

Oh - just seen it on amazon available for pre-order!!

Gail said...

Wow!! Thanks for checking that. I don't show it as available on the author dashboard yet. But there it is. Wooohooo!

teriannesis said...

I have always enjoyed your books. However if this sample chapter is any indication I will not be purchasing this book. the unrestrained use of profanity is not something I am at all interested in.

Gail said...

Teriannesis, thank you so much for the past support.

I completely agree with you. Jack and the Command Unit men are rough individuals. The language they use is raw, though I have to give them credit for making an effort around the ladies, but as a reader you will see them when they are being themselves.

Thank you for bringing this up. Others might want to avoid the book if they don’t wish to read male-speak that is sometimes profane and a bit raunchy.