Thursday, April 19, 2007

Less than a WEEK!!!!

Akkkk...I am so excited about INTO HIS KEEPING being released. I can't say it was a difficult book to write, but it is an intense one. It's hard waiting to see what people think of it .

I had no idea how stressful it was to be an author. First the angst while writing, then the endless editing. At some point I concluded every word in the first draft had been changed. Now there is the suspense to see how it's received. This is what makes us neurotic, weird, twitchy looking writers.


the.witch said...

and Thank God for that! I'm dying here, waiting for more of your writing. :) and I see that Charlie, just didn't want to co-operate :D lol just like a man.
(don't forget, not only do you have to make charlie behave, but you have to get it on with Darius brother's (and jessie's sisters) AND you have to finish what you started with Jamie and Emma! /what about the twins?!/ LOL so you've got a LOT of writing to do (and do I need to go beat up on some of those editors, tell them to hush before a put a curse on them, and Just Get Your Books OUT for us to read?) Good LUCK to you Beautiful (ya know I still luv ya, even with that funny twitch ya got) *giggle*

Gail said...

WITCHY!!! Love hearing from your twisted-self. lol Um...I beleive you're makin a list woman. I'm very proud of the fact that WANNA PLAY comes out in July! See, I typing...


Anonymous said...

You have more written already!! Quit holding back on us. I need to know all about the Ghost Unit and Jamie's family too.


Gail said...

Hi Anon,
Yesssss, there's more. INTO HIS KEEPING will be released next Wed, April 25. Then WANNA PLAY, Ghost Unit comes out July 6. I'm so happy you enjoy the work. Makes authors write more ya know. LOL