Friday, April 20, 2007

I got Nothin

Honestly, nothing of value to say. I'm very busy losing my mind waiting for next Wednesday to arrive and don't have time for actual constructive thought processes. You know how anticipation is sometimes sweeter than the thing you're waiting for? Well, that's not the case for an author.

But what's worse is waiting to hear what people thought after the book is out. I had no idea what interacting with an author really is until I became one. I thought fan-mail was almost pointless. HA! I was an idiot. I love seeing reviews, but the notes from people who have read the book are priceless. I can't express that dynamic. Perhaps it's best I can't. Leave it a mysterious mist moving between the author and reader that has no correct form, it simply is.

The people who've left short, abrupt missives like, "WRITE FASTER!!", which is a direct quote, are just as wonderful as the ones who bless me with a detailed expression of their reactions to the book. Honestly, just as powerful a response. I am always amazed and moved. Sometimes I laugh, a few have moved me to tears but all have made dang happy I do what I do.

For having nothing, I've sure talked a lot. LOL

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