Monday, April 16, 2007

Release date for WANNA PLAY!!

WANNA PLAY, Ghost Unit will be released from Ellora's Cave July 6. Here is the blurb.

Wanna Play
Gail Faulkner

Ghost Unit, Book Three

Even her walk made him swallow. The stroll of a huntress, a little arrogant, a lot dangerous. Damn, he loved danger. He’d never seen menace so perfectly packaged in a woman. Wanting her was intoxicatingly forbidden and totally pagan.

Jas watched the beast try to look harmless as he entered her world. Testosterone-enhanced confidence rolling off him spoke of a deadly animal. He was muscle and guile below the face of a naughty angel. Summoned by someone she trusted to solve her problems, Jas wanted to trust him and, ohhh baby, she wanted to play with that beast. Too bad they wouldn’t have time.

It would have been Blaster’s pleasure to take care of whatever threatened her, but earning her trust required respecting her right to combat. What drove him crazy was she wouldn’t let him be the shield at her back as she did it. That *@*!!#!-crap had to stop.

An old enemy had shaped her into a living weapon. Now it was coming again. Making the threat deadly to her family was a huge mistake. Bad Guy needed to bring his A Game, she was playing for Final win.

Reader Advisory: This is an action novel with two short instances of violence that may not be for the faint of heart.

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JAMIE'S CHERUB in print May 5
WANNA PLAY Ghost Unit- Ellora's Cave July 6

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