Friday, May 4, 2007

Testing the appeal of a new guy, what do you think?

“Tell you what. I agree, no one has to know anything. Be my guest today. Just spend the day attending events you’d have gone to anyway, but do it with me. All that will change is now you’re seat will be better. We’ll talk, figure out what we want to do or not do about this. That’s it. What’s the risk? You only have to touch me to know what my motives or intentions really are. Just the day.”

“A ghost? Seriously?” Heather raised a brow in question as she ignored most of his suggestion. “And I thought my family was strange. Perhaps it’s your family.”

“How did you know the ghost was from my family?”

“Ah, I just assumed. All that talk about dead ancestors.” Heather’s arms wrapped around herself defensively as she hedged and tried to slide a step further away from him.

Alex followed her, frowning down at the little witch in front of him. “You’re still reading me, aren’t you? Even though we’re not touching.”

“Not so much, not like before. Really. No need to get all huffy. I already told you I get stray thoughts from a lot of people around here. Ya’ll are a spooky bunch and I really think its time I took off and left every one of you to the privacy of your own minds.”

Alex’s lips pulled back from his teeth in a snarl. He knew she’d side stepped his suggestion. He’d let it slide but apparently she’d mistaken patience for stupidity. He was out of patience with her running away. “You’re well aware I couldn’t disagree more. So let’s put that one on the shelf and try to work this out. Since I’m the King around here, you can consider it a royal favor that you stay. Got it?”

“Really?” Heather snapped in irritation. “What would it be considered if I don’t?” It wasn’t ‘til the words were out of her mouth that she realized what she’d just said. She was in some tiny European country, challenging its king and she wasn’t entirely sure they’d heard of the United Nations, much less adhered to any international law. One of the few remaining absolute monarchs and she was treating him like a schoolyard bully.

If stupid were an Olympic event, she’d just won gold. Heather’s hand covered her mouth in shock.


zinreads said...

Hmmmm, interesting; but I would some more before I could make a definitive call. :-)


Gail said...

Kicking dirt and smiling a little... How much more Ann?

Jennifer K. said...

I'd say we'd need A LOT more before we could reasonably be expected to make ANY sort of judgement call. Maybe ... a completed manuscript? We'd be able to see if he stays TRUE to his self and is really all that appealing to the reader.

Barring that? A couple of chapters, maybe? At least.


Jennifer K.

zinreads said...

Maybe a chapter or 1 and a 1/2.... *G*


Gail said...

Good, I'll let His Highness know he has volunteers for pre-reads. He's very intollerent of my typing mistakes. ...chuckling...