Monday, May 7, 2007

Something Else

I had a great time this weekend. The book signing at the Borders Store in Cuyahoga Falls was fabulous. The store manager really made us feel welcome and I appreciate that.

I also learned I spend way to much time on the computer. If you’re reading this you know what cruising the net is. I’ve indulged in watching various net discussions last week and all it did was waste my time. People who jump on an issue with destructive glee are not who I want to focus on.

There is nothing wrong with stating facts. A reviewer who does not like a book and lists the reasons the book did not work for them is stating facts. A person ranting and calling people “fat asses” are not engaging in discussion. Responding to these people is a disappointing experience.

Today I finally got back to what I love. Writing.


Jennifer K. said...

Gail, I read "Into His Keeping" and loved it. Actually, I've really enjoyed everything you've written so far.

What I wanna know is, are you going to do a sequel to Jamie's Cherub? If so, any idea when it'll be out?

Keep up the good work. I know you've said elsewhere that you don't write as quickly as others ... well, I can wait. I'm not a patient person, but, for you, I'll do it. That doesn't mean I might not gently prod you every once in a while. You know ... "Are you done yet? What you working on? Is it done? When will it be published? Do you have an approximate, maybe, probably done date?"


Jennifer K.

Gail said...

Thank you so much Jennifer! You're makin me smile.

Checking my butt for the pillow strapped on there...yep, all ready to endure proding. LOL

I do intend to do at least one more book to follow Jamie's Cherub. However it's not in the table right now. Thank you for understanding.