Friday, May 11, 2007

Is it good??

I'm writing a proposal for a three book series and must keep the whole thing to five pages. Feeling terribly proud of myself, convinced I'd mastered the beast, I asked my mother to read it.

Of course she did, correcting a few things, but still reading. At the end of the five pages I asked her if she liked it?

No! She did not. There wasn't enough information. Now she had all these questions. I asked if the ending was clear? Yes it was, but still, there are all these questions!

I ask you, is that good? Is the purpose of the thing to interest people to the point that they must have the books?? I'm hoping it is. It's cruel to force a writer to make an interesting, gripping, informative synopsis of a complicated plot. It's like trying to jam a whole turkey into the microwave. Even if you manage it, the thing will only be cooked in spots.

Lawdy, this is hard! I'd rather clean up hairballs than do this.

Okay, I'm going to consider the outline done. But now there is huge thing that is a Q Letter. ONE PAGE??? Are they nuts??????

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