Saturday, May 12, 2007

Two New Excerpts on the Site

I'm very excited about TROY and REAL TIME so I figured it was timt to share these two charming men with you. Okay, only one is being charming right now, the other is a tiny bit scary.

You can find the excerpts in Works in Progress, front page below the book visuals.

Remember, they are unedited and uncontracted. Try to enjoy them anyway.

You can read them here


zinreads said...

Yummy! Quite Yummy - Each in their own way...not sure I can pick one over the other if I have to give the unclaimed one up. *sigh*

Except I don't remember a Travis in the other GU books... I hate when I have to re-read them! *lol*


Gail said...

LOL...hate to pull you off a re-read but Travis is a first name the Unit member dosn't use in the other books. I've never mentioned everyone's full names, so you'd never get who it is that way.

He's using it now in an undercover investigation. Nooo, not of her, an official one for the Feds. Here's a hint, his father calls him TJ.

Jennifer K. said...

Ooooh, nice! I want. ;)