Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My new man Troy

Thanks everyone who dropped by and met my new man Troy. Isn’t he southern charm that could spark a wild fire?

I’m desperate to finish another short story. I thought now would be a good time since Into His Keeping was a super plus novel and Wanna Play is a full length novel as well. Also I am privileged to be part of the Ellora’s Cave and Pocket books anthologies. I am so very happy with how that deal turned out, I want to try to qualify for the next one.

Not sure qualify is the right word, but I know I’ve gotta have short story out there to even be considered. Akkkkk…Must Write!!

Short stories are difficult for me. I very much admire those who can complete them at will. My pal L.A. Day seems to be genius at them! I’m freaking jealous.

Romeo is my only short and there are sooo many things I left out of that one. It’s still bothering me. So, I’m workin’ at keeping Troy on a short leash, or perhaps he’s keeping me on a short leash. Someone is being required to control themselves! Scowl …not sure which one of us it is.


zinreads said...

short is always hard -- it's hard because it forces you to really think about WHAT you want to say and HOW to say it to get the most mileage out of your words. *g*

Go back and look at Romeo, and see if you can figure out how to add some of what you left out without necessarily increasing the word count. It'll be very frustrating, but it will also be a good exercise/teaching tool.

I read A LOT and your first book was very polished compared to many first books I read.

Your writing has only gotten better, so try the short thing -- you have nothing to lose. (well, except maybe your patience, but since I don't live near you, it's not like I'll be disturbed by the screaming. *rotfl*)


Gail said...

Hey Ann, you are indeed wise, and besides I like how you think.

Writing short helps point out all the words that are just hanging around the writing taking up space.

Thank you for the compliment on improving. Learning the craft is a live long course, but I did have a long way to go. LOL