Saturday, May 19, 2007


I admit it, I lurk on quite a few blogs. I don't mean skip through once in a while. I read them everyday, and the comments. LOL Serious "lurkage".

In this strange place we fondly call Romance Land, Review Blogs have become the industry news engine.

As with any news medium, some of it's good, some of it's gossip, some of it is garbage. We've long made fun of any newspaper reader who believes every word in the paper is true. Same concept applies to blog-land news, only more.

Why is anyone shocked when some post they wrote is passed around the Internet?????? Especially people running computer/Internet based business! HELLO!! It's happened over and over, for years.

Some loops are supposed to be private, and it'd be real nice if everyone in them respected the rules.

Truth is, if you're writing something and the button says "post my comment", "publish post", "send to group", anything like must consider it public information. Any professional in an Internet based business better come to grips with that reality.

Internet-land is a world stage. We are creating a world culture, one computer user at a time. Sometimes it's good, sometimes the wolves come out. There are no cyber police, there are cyber terrorists.

Live large, laugh loud, post professionally.


Joan said...

"There are no cyber police, there are cyber terrorists."

Oooo. I love that. (Not the idea, but the expression of it.)

zinreads said...

Here's the rule I post by: Put NOTHING in print that you would be embarrassed/ashamed to find yourself explaining to your mother/grandmother/CEO fo your place of employment if they read it in the morning newspaper.

I find that benchmark keeps me out of most trouble. *g*


Gail said...

Ann, you're so right. I'm just totally amazed anyone thinks a post to any group is private.