Sunday, May 20, 2007

Where the News Is?

I've spoken to a very few, but still some leaders in the ebook publishing field. Watched the response of several others and now really do believe it when those professionals say they do not read Romance focused blogs.

I find this a serious blind spot. Especially for E-book professionals. The Internet is their costumer base. This is where the their public is comfortable. Not being aware of what these people have to say is not wise.

You can read any number of successful business books and find one of the reasons those men were always ready to make the right deal was they gathered information obsessively. Reading three or four news paper's a morning among other methods of being the first to see trends and coming opportunities.

Romance focused blogs are gold mines of information. It's handed to the "information" gatherer so neatly. I'm not saying read every blog. It's easy to see some blogs gain a wide audience and provide a large slice of customer mood. They are the where the "news" is.

If publishers only use numbers to track trends, they are always going to be four to six months behind. That's when quarterly or bi-annual numbers come out.

What I've learned from the blogs. *The market is hungry for contemporary romances* Also the market is now over crowded with vampire/fated mates/BDSM.

As an author, I'm thrilled to have a contemporary coming out in July, WANNA PLAY. I also have several in various stages that are getting some focus.

I'm not saying there isn't a market for every genre of romance, especially in ebooks. Being aware of trends means being in a position to give the public what they want. Its a Win/Win for everyone.

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