Tuesday, July 31, 2007

5 STARS/HEAT LEVEL O from JRR for Into His Keeping!!!!!

For some reason it's been a slow summer for reviews. Perhaps it's been a good summer for the really big names and reviewers are all busy. In any case, I'm so freakin happy to get a review these days. It's almost impossible.

Here is a quote freom JRR's Review...

"I quickly discovered Into His Keeping is not your typical ‘reunited with the lost love’ plot as it is abound with unexpected twists and turns which kept me riveted to the last page. The underlying themes of family devotion, soul-deep obsession, and BDSM make this full length novel a real page turner. Holdin, an admitted dominant, is an overwhelmingly powerful personality and he is constantly at war with himself to control his urges and responses. I was fascinated by his attempts to emotionally bond with his newfound son, no easy task with a suspicious, half-grown boy used to having his mother all to himself. The heroine Jill, a submissive by nature, is no longer the innocent girl Holdin once knew and I admired how she courageously sticks to pursuing her own agenda instead of giving in to Holdin’s constant pressure to take over her life. Holdin and Jill’s love-child, the unfortunately named ‘Drifter’, is an important character in this story and his actions as the conflicted teen, thrown into a totally unexpected and highly charged situation, ring 100% true." Anna Mae Garland - Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Thank you Anna Mae!

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Kelly said...

Congrats on the excellent review Gail! I loved Holdin and adored Drifter